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Social Media + Our Wedding

Confession: I love social media.

That's not so much of a confession, is it?

But it wasn't until my wedding day/right after the wedding that I really upped that level of love for social media.

Being able to see our wedding through our family and friend's eyes immediately following the reception was so neat. After Patrick and I picked up our pizza from Mellow Mushroom and got all of those pesky bobby pins out of my hair, we thoroughly enjoyed going through all of our friends' snapchat stories.

We got to relive our first dance.

We got to see some fun snaps from our wedding party.

This one from the reception might have been one of my favorites & caused me to bust out laughing.

We got to see everyone using our snapchat filter {because yes, we definitely had one of those} and we laughed so much at what people had posted. It's also how we knew that half the wedding reception stayed out past 3am... including my parents.

The next morning came Instagram & Facebook.

Sooo many pictures.

 {Side Note: the above pictures were posted in a secret FB group for Patrick's Mom's side of the family to keep those family members unable to attend up to date with all of our wedding day fun... which I thought was an awesome idea!}

A FULL video of our first dance {which I have no idea how to post here...}

A sneak peek from our wedding photographer.

Cute behind the scenes pictures from before our ceremony.

& then we even had a blog post from a bridesmaid!

Social media allowed us to view our wedding from so many different angles and from so many different points of view. I loved it. I absolutely loved reliving the entire day through everyone else. Patrick and I talked a few times leading up to our day that we wished we could just attend our wedding. We knew that the whole weekend was going to fly by and we wished that we could have spent more time with our guests.

So a big THANK YOU to everyone who attended our wedding that shared some of our wedding day! We love, love, loved seeing our wedding day through your eyes!

I still stand by the "no pictures in the church" rule because hey, the bride & groom more likely than not would prefer all of their guests to be actively engaged in the ceremony rather than messing with phones/cameras. Plus, they've probably paid a professional to take care of all of the photographs! But other than that? Break 'em out. Share all the pictures.

{unless you're a lucky one with one of these shots & then you definitely save it until after the wedding!}


  1. All your pictures are so fun - it really looks like the best party ever! Love that social media can help bring those memories back so quickly!

  2. SO fun! The sneak peeks from the photographer look so gorgeous. I bet you cannot wait to see the rest. Everyone seems to be having a blast - that's all you can ask for!

  3. Love seeing the photos through your guest eyes! That was also one of our favorite parts too! Watching all the snap chats that night and the next day was so much fun!

  4. I'm so with you - getting to see pictures and relive moments that you would have otherwise not seen is epic!! xo, Biana

  5. i wish snapchat had been around when we got married :) a friend of mine got a video of us walking out, we were supposed to go straight into our first dance but my friends (our bridal party) surprised us by starting to dance to the song we walked out too and i'm not kidding, it was the highlight of the night for me. it always makes me smile and you can just see how happy it made us.. sounds silly but i think we were both nervous about the first dance with everyone watching. anyway! so another friend got a video of that and i LOVE it. she posted it on facebook and i have no idea how to get it off there so we will always be friends hahaha.
    so yeah long comment to say i agree with you :)

  6. Social media is so much fun at weddings! You get to see all sorts of perspectives! So fun.

  7. OMG I cannot wait to see more pictures from your wedding! You looked stunning and love that first look with your bridesmaids! I just made a Snapchat filter for my friend's wedding next weekend, I can't wait to see people use it. <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  8. I love that you had a snapchat filter how fun! You looked so beautiful and your wedding looked like a blast! Can't wait to see more!

  9. The pictures my friends took were some of my favorites! Looks like everyone had a blast at your wedding and you looked stunning!

  10. Love!! After our wedding I remember I just kept scrolling through social media to see all the photos our friends took! So jealous of the snapchat filter haha we didn't even have snapchat when we got married!

  11. I loved checking out our wedding hashtag after the wedding and getting to see all of the pictures! And I love all of your pictures!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  12. That's one of the things that I would have loved if we had gotten married a little later. We didn't even need a hashtag when we got married! When my sister got married, it was so much fun to look through all of the pictures that people had hash tagged, and I'm sure that snapchat made it even better too!

  13. This is so awesome. Social media wasn't as big 4 years ago when I got married...there was no snapchat!! How fun that you had your own filter on there!! I don't even know how to do that. I love that you were able to see so many sneak pics of your wedding almost instantly!

  14. Omg...the first look with your maids?! Priceless! We didn't have a big wedding, but I would've loved to utilize social media like you did!

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