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House Updates {3 Months}

Remember that time that I said we weren't going to do any more house work until after we got married?
We ended up hiring someone to come in and fix our textured ceilings in our living room, dining room, and in the basement.

{living room}

{basement/man cave}
They might have also put drywall up on the new wall that Patrick and his dad built in the garage.

{the area behind the wall is going to be a laundry room... eventually}
& my closet got finished!

I might have been most excited about that because I really couldn't move into the house until that happened. Luckily, Patrick and my dad knocked that out the Sunday before our wedding so that I could get some things moved in.

So much for not doing anything in the month leading up to our wedding, right? Right.
In the week that we've been back?
Patrick spent a Tuesday evening outfitting his closet in the master bedroom so that he could move his things out of the guest bedroom closet.

{He used this Rubbermaid kit from Lowes}

We took one night to prime our new ceilings.

& part of our weekend to paint two coats on them.

We also knocked out painting two coats of SW Modern White on our dining room walls AND our front living room walls. All that's left is the trim!

{temporary light fixture is hanging out on the floor behind the table - any suggestions for what we should hang up above our table??}

My dad is also officially back in action at the house this week. He's working on painting the trim in the front living room/dining room and he's working with our electrician friend to get light back in those two rooms. Believe it or not - the stupid star lights are going back up over the fireplace {only until we can find an option we like better!}
What's left for painting?
The kitchen ceiling & a tiny bit of wall space in the kitchen. The trim in the smaller guest bedroom. And the ceiling/walls in the basement.
We're still basically living in a construction zone but once all of the painting is done, we'll be able to really start living in our house which we're both pretty excited about. Plus, sometime soon, we're going to be making a trip out to the storage unit to finally get the rest of my things {a couple of couches, mirrors, miscellaneous things that hang on the wall, random boxes, etc} and get them moved into the house.

Then we'll finally be ready to host a viewing party for the first football game of the season! So we have until the end of the month to get all of the above done... should be fun. Right?


  1. You guys have made so much progress! It's been so fun reading these updates. Good luck getting everything you want done before the first game!

  2. It's looking great so far! Love the organization in the closets!

  3. have i mentioned i love your house? because... i love your house.
    that closet kit thingy is so smart! i might have to buy a couple of those for our closets.

  4. Wow! Yall have done a ton of work! It looks great!!

  5. This is looking so great!!! Y'all have put in a ton of work!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. You guys are on fire!! Everything looks so good and I love how much progress you're making!

  7. I love your closet! Jealous. I need to get more organized in there... it's a hot mess right now. Ha!


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