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College Football: Week 9

Oh, Clemson.

You've got to stop doing things like that to your fans! Most of us cannot handle games where you start off kicking nothing but field goals {thank you, Catman!} and cough up the ball on your own 20 yard line not once but twice!

Deep breath. Not only did you pull out the win, Tigers, but you moved up to #8 in the BCS Poll. Not bad.

One road test down and one more to go before the Tigers get a break in the form of a bye weekend.

Speaking of Tigers... poor little Mizzou.

This weekend was the first of three weekends in a row with no football games to go to. It's weird to have weekend in the fall without driving to Clemson or Columbia or tailgating or sitting in a stadium. What's a girl to do?


I found my new favorite bike route on Kiawah {it's probably my favorite because it's the new one} that actually takes you off of Kiawah and on to Seabrook. We biked up to Freshfields, cut through the parking lot, and got back on the bike path on the other side headed to Seabrook.

Here's what we found while we were out exploring:

Then, while Clemson was busy putting the game away against Maryland, we traipsed down to the boardwalk for drinks & the sunset.

The first week of not attending a football game is down, only two more to go!

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