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Clemson Homecoming

I don't know what your college does for Homecoming but it cannot beat what Clemson does.

Confession: I have never been to Tigerama

I know, I know. I'm a terrible Clemson Alumna. Whatcha gonna do about it? I hear Tigerama is something worth going to so maybe one day I'll actually make it to one.

The part of Homecoming that I do enjoy is everything that happens out on Bowman field during the two weeks leading up to Homecoming weekend. The fraternities & sororities are out building floats while volunteers are out building the Habitat House. Football players come out to visit & bring goodies. The football coach comes out to hang out for awhile. It's a big party leading up to Homecoming weekend.

In between all the fun, "floats" are built for everyone to enjoy on Saturday. 

It's almost pointless to take pictures of them because of the number of people in the frame that are never going to give you a free & clear shot but for some reason, every year, I end up with like 50 of these pics on my camera. You would think that I'd learn...

 {Bonus points to anyone who can figure out what the theme of Homecoming was this year based on the floats. Good luck.}

Sigma Kappa!

Yup, this one was my favorite.

 I love the little Rainbow Row in this one!

GIANT chair.

Most floats have incorporated something worth taking a picture with. Whether it is a replica of Howard's rock, a giant beach chair, or {insert appropriate name for whatever it is we posed with above}, something is built in for most floats.

I love this float. I hope you never have to learn firsthand why it is so important and necessary to have a Student Memorial Chapel but once you learn, you understand how desperately Clemson needs this.

My major, Graphic Communications, holds an open house/tailgate in Godfrey Hall every year. It's conveniently located {right on Bowman field} but I've never been. I got the need to be a little nerdy this year so I recruited some Clemson grads from work to go with me. We screen printed our own Tiger Rags & watched some pressure sensitive labels {... stickers} run on the web press. 

Another homecoming come & gone... this one marked my 10th straight. Geez.

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