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It's ok to miss kickoff when...

There's occasionally a game where you're running late for one reason {this week, it was a dead car battery} or another. You're not going to make it into the stadium in time to see the Tigers run down the hill. You've admitted defeat on that goal.

There is a silver lining though: seeing the Tigers get off of the buses at the top of the hill.

I love being in the stadium when the Tigers run down the hill but you know, it's an awesome experience to be there when they get off of the buses. Getting to see a different side of the tradition is definitely something that every Clemson fan should do! Not sure what I'm talking about?

Check out this video produced by ESPN at the Clemson vs UGA game this year. Right around 4:05 you can see the crowd gathered outside the stadium at the top of the hill, waiting for the buses to pull up, stop, and unload the team. That's what I did this past Saturday.

Sometimes, at the right game & at the right time, you can get a pretty fantastic view point...

 They're here! They're here!
Bus #1!
 High fives for Dabo!
 True story: I met Shaw Lawson's grandmother the morning of the UGA game. I had no idea who Shaq Lawson was. Turns out, he's a talented freshmen defensive end.
Jayron... step it up kid!
 Yup... never heard of either of these guys.
 I'm ready to see Zac Brooks take it up a notch & become a bigger part of the running game.
 Poor kid. Can't catch a break!
Big. Boy.

I had a great spot to see a lot of the players coming off the buses, but I know where I'd stand next time to have a better view. You don't want to be right where the players get off the bus, you want to be closer to the entrance of the stadium where they are walking in. That way you can see all of the players and not be flipping back and forth between two busses and miss the players you really want to see {Tajh & Sammy}. Plus, you'd get a view of them running down the hill too.

I will not be attempting that next weekend though! My butt will be in my seat hopefully before the band gets into the Valley - I do not want to miss a thing of the FSU game!

4 Days.

Beat FSU!

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