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Photo Lovin' Friday: Tombstone Games

Tombstone Games.

Those are the big ones.

Those are the games where Clemson goes on the road against a top 20 opponent and takes them down in their house. It's unexpected. It's exhilarating  It has you screaming at the TV, covering your eyes, & trying to do whatever you can do from home to pull your team through. If Clemson comes out with a win, the game gets a Tombstone.

Tomorrow's game is one of the biggest {if not biggest} game that Clemson has ever played in and it certainly is the biggest game that Clemson has ever hosted. I'd certainly consider this a Tombstone Game even though it's not on the road. It's bigger than those.

It's huge. You should know that by  now unless you live under a rock, so I'll get to the photos instead of boring you with all the reasons why it's huge.

Just outside of Clemson's practice fields you can find a series of tombstones. These tombstones represent all of the top 20 road victories that Clemson has accomplished over the years. This was one of the places that I documented during the fall of my senior year {as I was slowly coming to the realization that holy cow, I was going to have to leave Clemson in the spring!} and I wanted pictures of everything.

 The best part of these games is remembering where I was when I was watching them because they're not the kind of games you forget easily... like the Peach Bowl? Liza & Becky had come to visit from NC and I made them {yup, pretty much forced them} to be Clemson fans for the day. I think I managed to convert them though... eventually :)
 Junior year of high school... this is the game where I learned the importance of you do not move once your team starts putting together a comeback on the road. Whatever you're doing, wherever you are sitting/standing, you stay. No matter what. This game might be one of my favorite random high school memories.
Ohhhh FSU. Freshman year. 

I want to hear this through the stadium tomorrow night:

That's from my 2nd to last game as a student, but the last one where I sat in the student section.



I want to experience this again!

Happy Solid Orange Friday! Beat FSU!


  1. Even though I am totally cheering for FSU tomorrow, I can totally relate to missing the student section. Sitting with the adults is just not the same :)

  2. You must have done some extra cheering for FSU last week!

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