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Pancakes! at Toast

After a long day in Clemson & waking up to a cool, damp, cloudy fall day... there's nothing I want more than PANCAKES!

Ok, let's be real. I want pancakes 99% of the time when I wake up. I just really wanted to get my pancakes from Toast up in Davidson this past Sunday. Plus, I was one Toast brunch in debt to Patrick.

I suppose everyone else wanted Toast for breakfast as well, so after we put our name on the waiting list, we wandered around downtown Davidson for awhile to pass by our 30 minute waiting time. I love going up to Davidson and just walking around or exploring the campus. It's peaceful. It's got this safe feeling that you don't necessarily find everywhere that you go in Charlotte. It's nice to spend time in a college town when it's not swarming with people for a football game. Davidson is usually the place that I escape to on the first weekend that it truly begins to feel like spring... my camera and I head up there for a couple hours of wandering and exploring to just get out in the nice weather.

Toast is a fantastic brunch place nestled in the midst of all this peacefulness.

Patrick gave me a "did you really just say that?" look when I was explaining to him once we were seated why I like Davidson and alright, it wasn't exactly quiet or peaceful inside of Toast but it is everywhere else! Toast was a hustle and bustle of waiters and waitresses running around taking orders, refilling drinks, and serving delicious food.

I got pancakes.

Not surprised? Ok, ok... enough about my love of pancakes. But really. These were so good and they had powdered sugar on top {I am such a 5 year old when it comes to my food preferences!}

I swore I was going to remember what Patrick had gotten for breakfast but... I can't remember. I also cannot ask because then he'll want to know why I'm putting it on the blog.

True story - when I decided that I wanted to start blogging, this was Patrick's reaction...
Me: So, I think I really want to do this whole blog thing.
Patrick: I don't want to be on it, but I want to read it.
Me: Ok!


Didn't stick to that guideline... sorry!

Here's what he had for breakfast & it was delicious:

If you're in the mood for some peace & quiet in Charlotte, head up to exit 30 and make your way down towards Davidson College & Toast. You'll find just what you're looking for and awesome pancakes.

P.S. - Toast has two other locations in Charlotte {Dilworth & Ballantyne} but I like the Davidson one the best!


  1. Stop. with. the pancake. pictures.

    Hate/Love you,

    1. Don't worry! That's the last pancake post for now :) No more brunches in the near future.


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