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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

I'm going to start switching things up around here and will be alternating between Five on Friday & Photo Lovin' Friday, just to keep it interesting for y'all. So today, I'm finally joining in on all of this Five on Friday fun that I see everyone else participating in by linking up with April, Darci, Natasha, and Christina.

{One - Penny Talk by Essie}

I know. I'm late to the whole metallic craze but I am in love with this nail polish. I went to Target the other week to buy jumper cables {any excuse to go to the Super Target} and walked out with this in addition to the cables. I needed to buy something girly to offset the "necessity" purchase. This polish is funky and so different for me and absolutely perfect.

{Two - Kiawah}

I haven't been to Kiawah in what feels like forever, so I am happy to be heading back down there today after work. Although I'll get there too late to go enjoy a drink on the beach at sunset and a quick bike ride {not necessarily in that order}, I do get a whole Saturday of relaxing, bike riding & exploring, and football on TV. I am pumped! You should be pumped too because next week I'll be introducing my family's little beach house on the blog as my parents have begun some of the work around the house. The first on the list? A new deck, specifically one that doesn't have the steps leading directly into the lagoon where CJ lives.

Sneak peak of my favorite part of the house {the built in wine rack}:

{Three - Pimento Cheese Dog}

We grilled hotdogs at the Clemson game last weekend and the only topping I really like on a hotdog is chili. We didn't have chili. Ok... improvise! Pimento cheese dog! Delicious.

See? Doesn't it look amazing? Don't lie. You want one now!

{Four - Cooler Weather}

After a non-traditional summer full of not really hot weather & a lot of rain, I am happy that fall is finally here and behaving like fall. Check out these temps! I am digging this. Someone is going to need to remind me of the fact that I was excited about the fall weather finally creeping in when it's January and all I want is 95 degree sunny beach weather. But for now? I'm alright with this weather.

{Five - A Year Ago} 

A lot changes in a year & I am thankful that it does! I am sure there are quite a few others who are feeling pretty thankful today, too. What a difference a year makes :)


  1. First of all pimento cheese is my all time fav- especially on burgers so I'll have to try & second of all- thanks for the nail polish inspiration. Great color! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Now you've got me craving a pimento cheese burger - those are the best!

  2. Pimento cheese dogs are amazing! I also love that color Essie polish you featured in this post!


  3. Yay for Fall weather here in the south! Pimento cheese on a hotdog, don't tempt me! lol..:) Yum! Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  4. Pimento cheese and hot dogs = genius! Can't believe I've never thought to put the two together! I love the nail polish {guess I'm behind on the metallic trend too}.


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