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College Football: Week 7

Clemson, please do us all a favor and do not put us through another game like that this season! Especially not next weekend!

Another week down and another notch in the win column and another 7 days closer to hosting Florida State. I promise I'll try to post about something other than football this week. Maybe.

I thought that, hands down, the best game in Death Valley this year would be the game against Georgia. Two top ten teams, SEC opponent, ESPN College Game Day...

Wait a second...

 Two top ten teams? Check.
SEC opponent? No, but perhaps more importantly, an ACC divisional opponent.
College Game Day? Check!

College Game Day usually does not visit a college twice in one season. They have not done so since the 2007 season {and even then, not 2x within the first 8 weeks of the season} so having them return to Clemson is pretty special. It means that not only is our game the best match up of the week, but it also means that Clemson does a fantastic job playing host to ESPN. We like to show off our team, our campus, and our traditions so whenever ESPN wants to come to down and play... we're ok with that.

Unfortunately, it means I'm also going to have to buy another game day shirt. I had to get the first one back in August because having Game Day come to town was a once-every-seven-years kind of event and it needed a shirt. Well, now I need this one because having Game Day come to town TWICE in one season probably won't happen again for Clemson.

Back to this past weekend because we're not quite at the FSU game yet.

For actually being in Clemson and having tickets to the game, I sure did not watch a whole lot of football in Death Valley. 

I was not in my seat at kick off {thank you UGA/Mizzou for having a game difficult to turn off}.
I had to leave at halftime {thank you car battery for dying}.
I got distracted on the way back in {thank you tailgaters for having TVs at your tailgate}.

I still managed to have a great time though!

 {Hint at a post for this week... I didn't make it in the game before kickoff. What was I up to instead?}

Ok Clemson, get it together now. You've got FSU coming up in 6 days and you cannot play them like you played against BC!

I can't wait for this game. The Clemson/UGA game weekend was an epic one and I'm sure that this weekend is going to be equally {if not more} epic. Thank goodness I'm not trying to do as much this weekend as that Labor Day weekend because I'm not sure my twenty-five year old self can handle another weekend like that! 

Until then...

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