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Veggie Chili

Veggie chili? Veggie?! Lots of meat and veggies and no beans? No weird things that I don't recognize? This is absolutely a chili recipe that I can get behind!

I stumbled across this Veggie Chili on Pinterest a couple of weeks to go and knew that I had to try it. Until now, my "chili" has always been the type of chili that you thrown on a hot dog... ground beef, tomato sauce, and a packet of seasoning. It is not the kind of chili that you'd eat if you wanted to make a meal out of it. 

Here's what I changed up about the recipe when I made it:
- Skipped out on using a whole onion and instead added minced onion
- Added extra zucchini {I love zucchini!}
- Only a pinch of oregano {I'm not a huuuuuge fan}

& the result?
It was easy to throw together after getting home from the Y, but... I wasn't really a fan. I love all the base stuff in this recipe. The veggies. The meat. The seasonings. But there wasn't enough flavor to it in my opinion. 

I ended up saving all the leftovers though to see what I could do to make it more to my liking. Here's what I added when I reheated it for lunch:

- Red pepper flakes
- Salt
- Extra chili powder
- Garlic powder
- Sharp cheddar cheese {because cheese makes everything better}

& yay! It was delicious! Now I'll just have to figure out how to make that same deliciousness when I cook it the next time. I also want to try throwing in some red and green bell peppers to see what they add to it.

In the meantime... I've found a slightly similar veggie chili recipe that cooks in the crock pot. I might have to try that one out soon & see how they compare. Plus, who doesn't love a crock pot recipe?

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