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College Football: Week 6

The first thing that I start doing after a Clemson victory is scouring online for articles about the win. I want to know the statistics & the personal/school/ACC records that players have broken throughout the course of the game. I want to read what people think about the win and what the win will mean for Clemson. I want to start hearing about the next game & Clemson's chances in that game.

{conversely, when Clemson loses, I avoid the internet for about a week to avoid the reminder that Clemson lost}

The second thing that I do is impatiently wait for the polls to be released on Sunday.

Clemson won? Clemson is movin' on up!



This season is weird but I'm ok with this problem. Clemson is winning - but Clemson isn't moving up. There really isn't anywhere to go... not until Alabama or Oregon loses. Anyone see that happening anytime soon? Yeah, me neither. But I can cross my fingers that Ohio State & Stanford lose soon. It would be nice to have those two undefeated teams out from right behind us.

I switched gears {halfway} this weekend and went down to Columbia to see the USC/Kentucky game {cross another thing off my Fall Bucket List!}

I stealthily snuck in some Clemson into my game day attire while still being halfway USC friendly & didn't actually get a picture... but you can't get more neutral than a black shirt with purple shorts.

I used an orange koozie {it had Kiawah on it, not Clemson therefore it didn't technically count as Clemson}.

But when Clemson's game started I switched over to my sparkly Clemson wine glass. What did you expect? I couldn't stay neutral for the entire game, please.

Lucky for me, there was a TV at the tailgate:

Next Sunday night is a very big night. We'll finally find out where everyone "officially" stands in the BCS rankings. I've always enjoyed watching this show just because I like college football, but this year Clemson's got an actual stake in the game.

It's making me nervous... my nerves went back to normal for a few weeks after the UGA game, they spiked a little for the Syracuse game, and I know that they are going to sky rocket before the FSU game. They're probably going to stay that way for the remainder of the season.

But back to this past weekend...

Italian Chicken Fingers {my favorite grilled food at a tailgate}

Taking a break from cleaning all the gumballs out of the back of the truck to learn about shotgun shells

Parker's reaction to Clemson
Parker: "Hey take a picture of my funny face!"

 A little uncle/nephew time at the tailgate

Can't wait to be back in Clemson next weekend for the Boston College game! Here's to another non-noon game {how have we avoided them so long?!} & hopefully another win!

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