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Photo Lovin' Friday: Taylor

A slightly different Photo Lovin' Friday today...

I could never put into words exactly what today means to me, so I'm glad it's a Friday and I can express myself {mostly} with pictures instead of words.

I'm so lucky to have grown up in the church family that I did. Despite the fact that most of us have grown up, moved away, or joined other churches, they're still some of the most important people in my life and all of our families are always there for each other when we need it the most.

We all needed it the most when our {friend/brother/son} Taylor passed away.

It was the way that everyone came together & focused on celebrating life rather than mourning loss that helped me find the best way to deal with loss: do something to celebrate Taylor's memory. That's what we did the first year just a few hours after we all said goodbye. That's what I did the second year. It kind of stuck after that and it is what I have done every year since Taylor passed away.

Sometimes it's on the actual day. Sometimes it's the weekend prior to or just after. Sometimes it's outside playing around and exploring nature. Sometimes it's just the simple time spent enjoying the company of someone else.

{2007 - spent a night with my old church family carving pumpkins & celebrating Caroline's 16th birthday}

{2008 - spent the day hiking Hebron Rock Colony & feeling pretty bad ass... until the snake encounter two min after this photo}

{2009 - spent a day of Fall Break in Charleston with my family}

{2010 - we said goodbye to my brother as he moved to Seattle before my mom & I spent the day in Clemson for a football game}

{2011 - spent a day outside exploring Lexington with my camera}

{2012 - visited a pumpkin patch & corn maze outside of Boone & spent the day wandering the downtown area}


I'm going to a concert tonight and spending the whole day tomorrow in Clemson, tailgating with great friends and family. I can't think anywhere else I'd rather be to remember Taylor.

Happy Solid Orange Friday & GO TIGERS!

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