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Kings Drive Farmers Market

Alright, if this was on my Fall Bucket List to do specifically in October, does it count if I went on one of the last days of September? Technically I just wanted to go once they switched from their summer market to fall market... I'm going to count it as complete :)

I stopped by the Kings Drive Farmers Market on the way back to Charlotte this past weekend.

I love all of the fall going on here now!

I might have scooped up one {ok, three} of these wee be little pumpkins!

I'll be heading back here before it gets too far into October to pick out a bigger pumpkin or two. I have 3 baby ones & 2 slightly larger ones to make a little pumpkin family of 5. Best part? Five pumpkins for $6.50! Deal!

I think you should make your way over to the market too. They still have some of their regular produce {apples, corn on the cob, potatoes, etc} but nowhere near the amount that they have during the summer. I picked up some red potatoes {mmm, potato soup!} and a red & green bell pepper to make Black Bean & Corn Salsa for the tailgate this weekend.

Seriously though. What are you waiting for? Go pick up some pumpkins!

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