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Luke Bryan Farm Tour

There are very few things that are more southern than Luke Bryan and a party out in the middle of a huge field. 

{Very few}

If you missed out on the Luke Bryan : Farm Tour 2013 then I am so sorry cause you missed out on...

1. Luke Bryan
2. Fantastic people watching
3. Luke Bryan
4. A beautiful October night
5. A great time
6. Friday night tailgating
7. Did I mention Luke Bryan?

Look at those awesome cornhole boards!
Chairs make the best accessories when taking pictures...

So we didn't really have any interest in standing in line to get in the concert when the doors open nor were we in any rush to actually get into the concert. We ended up towards the back which ended up being pretty great.

Least favorite part of the night was easily Patrick Davis & this song. Or when people decided it was a good idea to throw half full beer cans at others.

Favorite parts were...
 - when Luke Bryan pointed out that his Farm Tour was putting Clemson fans, South Carolina fans, and Georgia fans all in the same area and that might not be the best idea during football season.
- when Luke Bryan busted out some Baby Got Back
- when I got to hear I Don't Want This Night to End, That's My Kind of Night, Country Girl, & Play it Again

I would absolutely go back again if the Farm Tour pays another visit to Columbia!

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