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Brunch in Columbia: Le Peep

The other weekend, all I wanted for breakfast was pancakes. Do you know what the most difficult thing to find in Columbia on a Sunday is? Pancakes. 

Do you know what the worst time to try to find a brunch places is? 11:30am on a Sunday.

We finally found a place that didn't look like it was crazy busy only to discover that it was closed on Sundays. I had my heart set on having pancakes & was so disappointed that we finally had to give up the pancake search that we decided to come back the next Saturday to try the place out.

So what's the new & fun little brunch place in Columbia?

This new breakfast/brunch/lunch spot opened up a little less than a month ago off of Gervais Street in The Vista. They've got locations all across the south/midwest area and this one is actually the 2nd location in Columbia {the other is out at Sandhills}. They even have one in Charlotte so I may be trying that one out sometime soon to see how similar each of the franchises are.


Le Peep is already a winner on my list because they serve pancakes but in case you're interested in what else they have to offer...

Any guesses as to what I ordered?

{not pictured: side of sausage links}

Patrick was a little more adventurous... 
{Farmer's Benedict - see the cute little potato things on the back of the plate? I stole almost all of them. They're good!}

Le Peep?

Food: two thumbs up
Price: one thumb up {orange juice was expensive!}
Atmosphere: two thumbs up
Location: two thumbs up {plus free, convenient parking}

Go see for youself! & get those little potato things!


  1. Ah! We have a few of those close to us in the Indianapolis area but somehow I've never managed to get over there...

    but now I really want to slash I'm really mad at you for posting pictures of an American breakfast that I can't get here. :(

  2. Sounds like you'll have to get it when you come back for Christmas!


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