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College Football Week 8: The Outtakes

All I can say is that about 10 minutes before walking into the stadium, my camera decided to stop reading my memory card & refuse to take pictures. It's like my camera knew exactly what was about to happen and that I wouldn't want any photographic evidence of it.

Smart camera.

I {thankfully} didn't lose any of the pictures that I & others had taken throughout the day. There was a lot of help in the photography area this weekend and a lot of fabulous outtakes. I love, love, LOVE when I end up with a hundred of pictures like this on my camera because it makes for one entertaining Sunday {especially when you're coping with the first L of the season}.

Thanks to all of y'all for providing such great entertainment.

 They love each other. Obviously.

The photo-bombing roommates strike again.

 The "get that camera out of my face" close up.

 The "oh look! a camera!" close up.

& the "I'll take a picture of myself by using the camera hanging off Chesson's shoulder" close up.

 The legitimate & illegitimate.

 This is what happens when you tell Drew he has to take another picture after he's already been in more pictures than he wants to.

Creepin' over Lindsey's & Drew's shoulders.

At least these outtakes are more humorous than what Clemson did Saturday night... but hey, BCS #9 after that performance? I'll take it.


  1. I was at the game on Saturday, too. What a bummer! Looks like y'all had a blast tailgating though!

    1. Hopefully tomorrow's game will have a much better ending than last week's game :)


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