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Weekending in Kiawah

Some people only enjoy spending time at the beach in the summer.

Sure, summertime at the beach is great. Warm weather, plenty of sunshine, vacation days... all of the good things and all things that I like. But spending time on Kiawah in the fall? Y'all, it might be my very favorite time to be at Kiawah.

I started out Saturday morning with a nice, easy run to the tune of Taylor Swift & reputation. I might be slightly hooked on her latest album and it's been playing on my phone on repeat since the day it came out #sorrynotsorry

My mom and I took our bikes out for a spin up to Freshfields to check out the new Cantina 76 that just opened up there, and my dad met us there.

Cantina 76 isn't a new restaurant to me. We have two of them in Columbia and I absolutely adore dining there. They have the best salsa, thanks in part to the copious amounts of cilantro that they add to it.

We made it an early lunch so that we could get back in time to watch Clemson take on The Citadel {& win!} before heading back out for another bike ride before sunset.

For the first time in the history of ever... or at least since they were still in high school and living at home, my dad and his brother not only live in the same state, but they live on the same island. Both of them closed on their original houses houses and moved to the low country the same weekend.

Since all my dad's side of the family currently lives in the Charleston area, I decided it would be a great idea for all of us to go out to dinner Saturday night. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Loophole on Johns Island... which happens to be right next door to Low Tide Brewing. Between The Southern General, The Tattooed Moose, and now The Loophole, there are plenty of good restaurants to check out before or after our next trip to Low Tide.

Sunday was more of the same from Saturday: a lot of biking & exploring around the island, to the tune of 16.5 miles.

It was a great weekend on Kiawah, but now it's time to kick off one of my very favorite week's of the year. We're hosting Thanksgiving at our house again, then we'll be cutting down our Christmas tree and putting up decorations, and of course, it's RIVALRY WEEK!

Happy Monday, y'all.


  1. This title looks familiar :) glad you had an awesome Kiawah weekend, too. The weather was gorgeous, and I have been meaning to try Cantina 76!!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven


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