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Championship Saturday: Back-to-Back-to-Back


Every time that I think about how Clemson has won three straight ACC Championships, how they have made three straight CFP appearances, how they won the National Championship last year, and how this is Clemson's new "normal"... I can't help but think about how incredibly awesome it is to be a Clemson Alumna right about now! It's pretty fantastic.

Also, I think about how the ACC Championship game is played in Charlotte and how in the three years since I moved away, Clemson has played in that game. Couldn't they have had a few more ACC Championship appearances while I lived in town?!

We had such a good time visiting one of our favorite North Carolina towns this past weekend though. Instead of a traditional tailgate, Patrick and I decided to do a little brewery and tailgate hopping.

First stop: Wooden Robot.

Unknown Brewing was looking a little sketchy on Saturday, thanks to a huge remodel that they're doing. But, we found some friends inside that it was great to catch up with!

The best part of this picture is not the fact that we ran into Jacob and Cameron in Charlotte, it's the fact that Cameron was wearing orange for the game. I'm just going to pretend that it was 100% for Clemson and not the neutral color of the game.

It wouldn't be an ACC Championship tailgate or game without Laurel. Six years ago, we bonded and finally became friends (after a year and a half of working together) at an ACC Championship tailgate, so it was only appropriate to celebrate that occasion on Saturday.

& that brings us to... the only picture that I took during the entire ACC Championship game. The storage space on my computer thanks me though, because I think I have hundreds (if not thousands) of pictures of Clemson football games and probably didn't need any more.

Next up: Clemson vs Alabama, Part 3.

Can we all just appreciate for one moment that the semi final games are not on New Year's Eve this year? I am so ready to be able to celebrate the New Year without having it tie into football games. Bring on the New Year's Day game!


  1. I almost bought myself a bowl ticket and an Amtrak ticket out of Atlanta to go to the game.
    I can't afford the hotels though!
    NOLA is my happy place.
    I am supremely excited!

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