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Empire State of Mind

Guess where I'm headed next month?


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The 30th birthday celebrations are kicking off a few months early because let's be real, who actually thought I was going to contain the celebrations to just a birthday-month this year? Yeah. Nobody.

But I need your help. I know zero things about New York City other than what I've seen on Gossip Girl.

We're going for four days and right now the only thing on our list of things to do is to see either The Lion King or Wicked. There are so many things to do! How do you even begin to narrow it down?

Here's what I need to know:

Where should we fly into? {leaning towards LGA}
Where area of town should we stay in?
What hotel should we book?
What's the number one thing that you recommend we do while we're in town?
The Lion King or Wicked?
Should we go to Central Park or no?
What super touristy things must we do?

I'm going to go ahead and say that going to the top of any building is probably not going to be on our list. The Space Needle only happened after circling the thing a million times to build up the courage and I still have nightmares of the little clear acrylic box of terror that hangs off the side of the Willis Tower in Chicago.

Other than that? Pretty much anything is fair game.

Whatcha got for us?!


  1. I have so many options! Fly into LGA for sure. Here's my blog post on it: http://www.brittanywhitacre.com/2015/12/whats-hap-pinning-wednesday-new-york.html.

    Highly, highly recommend the food tour, seeing a show, going to Central Park since you'll be there at a good time of the year, eating at Joe's Pizza and Freeman's Alley, and taking the subway wherever you go.

  2. Get the citypass... Do the empire state building at night and get the audio tour. Tony Bennett in your ear? yep!
    Stay in Hell's Kitchen. Quieter if that's possible. eat a hot dog on the steps of the met. They're beyond delicious.
    play up the southern charm. it makes the natives smile.

  3. Enjoy your birthday trip! We traveled to Cancun for my 30th - so fun!

  4. Oh yay!!! I just celebrated the big 30 and it was SO much fun!! I love the Bryant Park area in NYC- super central and where the famous S&TC library is :) Definitely do Central Park, Empire State Building, Broadway - all so good! I didn't love the Statue of Liberty- too many people and way too crowded. Mr Softee ice cream trucks & street vendor hot dogs are my favorite!

  5. You should go and read Erin Napier's blog, she of the HGTV program, Hometown. She and her husband honeymooned in NYC and she has chronicled all their wonderful trips back there on her personal blog from 2010-2017. By now that Louisiana girl has the city down pat. (I vote for seeing Wicked!

  6. Oh this will be so fun, you're going to love it! Here are my two (or ten) cents ;)

    If you're looking to do more touristy things like Broadway (Wicked is my FAVE), Times Square, NBC Studio Tour (and go to the Top of the Rock!), walk Central Park (do it, for sure!!) I suggest staying right in Midtown Manhattan. I'm not sure if you collect points through any credit card or airline, but we use Rocketmiles to book all of our hotels. We have a Southwest Credit Card, and this allows us to funnel all of our hotel points into more airline miles. Baseball games are also super fun, and definitely take the Subway to Brooklyn for a couple of breweries!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

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