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Beach Walkin'

I have always loved mornings on Kiawah.

There's something special about waking up early, throwing on a t-shirt and shorts, and heading out the door to enjoy the beach before the rest of the world is awake. Whether it's a walk down to The Sandcastle and Beachwalker Park or a walk up to The Sanctuary, it's always so peaceful out.

If you're lucky, you'll catch a sea turtle making her way back in the ocean after laying her eggs up near the dunes. Sometimes, you'll see a whole bunch of jellyfish washed up on the shore {and be exceptionally glad that it's still too cool out to get in the water!}

But I've got a whole new reason to love walking on the beach these days.

We took our first walk back in early March when she and I drove down to Kiawah for a baby shower that my parents hosted at their house. It was the first time we had ever successfully used our LILLEbaby Carrier. Riley and I would be dangerous in this thing if we could ever figure out how to work it solo! She had plenty of fun just hanging out in it while we strolled up and down the beach with my mom.

We went for another morning beach walk adventure at the end of April. It was finally warm enough to dip our toes in the water along the edge where the sun had warmed things up a bit. She loved the walk every bit as much as the first time and it lulled her into a great nap. The only problem? When we got back to the house, she was still asleep, and I didn't want to wake her up just yet... so we had to find a way to get comfy in a chair with her still strapped to me. Next time, I think we'll just go for a longer walk!

We have plenty of beautiful streets and bike baths to wander up and down.

... and now I'm ready for another weekend on Kiawah. Hurry up, June!


  1. Mornings on the beach are the best - your pictures are making me want to go back!!

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