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201 Trouble

There are a few stores that I probably shouldn't go into without supervision: Target, Uptown on Main, and 201 Central, just to name a few.

But... football season starts up this week {yes!} and I have two different football games to go to which means two tailgates. A trip to 201 Central is a necessity before any tailgate so off I went.

Long story short, 201 Central is owned by the Harris Teeter grocery store chain that is based out of Matthews, NC. When Lowes Foods & Harris Teeter came up with their "we don't really want to compete with each other" agreement, that left a lot of old Lowes Food stores to be switched over to Harris Teeters {true story: I live with in 10 minutes of 6 Harris Teeters now} and luckily they decided to do something fun with the one closest to my apartment. They turned it into a 201 Central and changed my life. Kidding. Kind of.

201 Central is a mix of a Total Wine, upscale grocery store, and bar and it has been trouble for me since it opened. 
I've been going here long enough to have my own wine bag, too.
For all of you beer connoisseurs out there, they have a great beer selection. They highlight a lot of the local breweries, have a "create your own 6 pack" section, and carry a little bit of everything. It's a good place to go when you're attempting to teach yourself how to like beer and want to try a little bit of this and a little bit of that. 
But, my favorite part of the store is the wine side...
They have tons of wines that I've never heard of and they have really, really, really good deals on wine sometimes. C'mon. Barefoot may not be at the top of your wine list but $4 a bottle? Definitely worth purchasing on occasion. I've seen $16 wines priced down to $6. I usually pick up a bottle that I've had before and know I like, and then I'll also look for one that's been marked down that I've never tried before and toss it in the buggy.

My selections today:
I see Be. Bright just about everywhere that I go, but I'm never a fan of the price tag. if there is wine that looks good that's under $10, I'm going to go with that one over another bottle any day of the week {sorry I'm not sorry}. I had to get it when it was $5, right? Right.

Middle Sister Wicked White blend is fantastic, as is Middle Sister Drama Queen pinot grigio, so logic means that Middle Sister Sequin must be good as well. A bubbly pinot? I'm intrigued. Let's be honest: that one probably isn't going to make to the weekend to a tailgate. I'm probably going to have to try it & make another trip to 201 for a replacement bottle...

Oh darn :)

Until then...

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