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Gators, gators, everywhere!

 Y'all, I have to admit something to you.

I freaking love alligators and baby sea turtles. Those are the only two animals that I care about seeing when I go to Kiawah. It's cool to see the deer because they're everywhere and I'd probably be more excited about seeing dolphins if they did some jumps and flips and Sea World-y type things, but... all of my excitement is for gators and turtles. For right now though, let's chat about gators.

I took a trip down to Kiawah mid-March when it was one of those perfect-gotta-be-outside kind of weekends. 75 degrees, sunny, and gorgeous. I suppose that I wasn't the only one that thought the weather was perfect because there were sooo many gators that were busy soaking up the sun that weekend. They were floating in lagoons. They were lounging on golf courses. They were in people's backyards, just chillin', not a care in the world. I wanted to see them ALL. 


{not to be confused with the Florida Gators!}

Needless to say, I was real excited when I found out we would renting a house on Kiawah this summer and spending an entire week down there. GATORS!
So... gators don't like to hang out as much when it's hot outside. It didn't matter how many times I almost ran off the bike path as I was busy peering into the waters we were biking past... the gators were not out. I was so disappointed. I just wanted to see a gator. Just one teensy, tiny, baby little gator.

Well... I might have wished too hard on that one. We went to go look at the new house and what happened to be hanging out our little lagoon? GATORS. That's right - gators, as in more than one. And they were babies! Three of them were little one year old gators and one of them was a two year old gator {that's right - I've been scoping these guys out long enough now to know which ones are from which year}. I didn't get to see just one teensy, tiny baby little gator but I got to see four. Much better.

In my last post, you found out that we got to meet the big poppa gator {now named CJ} but he seems to like this hide & seek game. And he really shows up at the most inconvenient times.

My parents know how much I love seeing the gators on the island and they know how much I want a picture of our gator CG hanging out in our lagoon. So yes, when I went off to take a shower after coming back from the beach today, I get a knock on the bathroom door from my dad asking me where my big camera was because CJ had made an appearance.

Puh-lease. Like I was going to miss CJ.

I got out of that shower and back into my bathing suit, grabbed my camera, and sprinted for the deck. Elusive CJ was already hiding again. Sigh. Don't worry CJ. I'll get you one day but showering was a little more important today.

My dad waited around for him to appear again and did manage to snap one picture of him sneaking away...
Until then...

P.S. - Mom, I promise I did some Spanish before this post!

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