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A Snowy Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

It has snowed three straight days this week and I'm not kidding when I tell you that I loved every single minute of it.

Well except for when I was stuck in meetings at work and didn't have a clear view out the window. I got caught more than once leaning back in my chair to catch a glimpse of it out of a window in a room across the hall. I didn't love missing the snow then!

But this week has gone by soooo fast thanks to all of the snow adventures & it's already Friday. Time for some Friday five with April, Darci, Natashaand Christina!

This week's 5 on Friday had a special picture request so...

The snow this week meant that I got to wear my boots again! I've finally broken them in enough this winter where they are finally incredibly comfortable to wear around everywhere.

I'd like to say that I got a lot done around my apartment while being snowed in this week but uh... there are dirty dishes in the sink and my laundry from last week is still hanging out in my dryer. Whatever. I thoroughly enjoyed reading, taking naps, watching the Winter Olympics, staring out the window at all the snow coming down, taking pictures, and making a snow video for my best friend. I even got up, showered, put in my contacts, put on make up, and put on real clothes yesterday. And then proceeded to fall asleep on the couch as soon as I was done getting ready.

The highlight of my day might have been late yesterday afternoon when I went outside to try to dig my car out a little bit while the snow was melting and hadn't refrozen yet. It was fun to get outside and wage war against the snow on my car... not quite Lorelei snow rant worthy because I thoroughly enjoyed the snow, but the same effort was there. But anyway, after I dug my car out of the snow somewhat, I decided to go explore the outside world and walk around on the roads by my apartment complex. It was quiet, peaceful, and the sunset was amazing last night.

Oh! & HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY. Thanks to the snow, my cards will not make it to their recipients in time and I'll probably be stuck at home this weekend. Have I mentioned that this is the third year out of five that it has snowed on Valentine's Day weekend?

2010 in Clemson.
2013 in Charlotte.
2014 in Charlotte.

Because it is Valentine's Day, I'll end this post with a little Chuck & Blair... because, let's be honest. How can you not be completely in love with them?

Happy Snowy Valentine's Day Friday!



  1. creative #teamteddy and I love the boots!! :)

  2. Girl I didn't even have to click your Lorelai link to know exactly what you were referencing!! I loved Gilmore Girls!

  3. Your #teddy is awesome, AHHHH I WISH GOSSIP GIRL WAS STILL ON!!!!!!! I'M STILL let down by the Dan is gossip girl thing... and 312 is my favoritteeee beer!!!!!!

    That is all haha xoxo

  4. Oh my that is a lot of snow - bright side you get to put your snow shoes to good use!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Love the boots! Your place looks a lot like mine (in Columbia), but you got more snow! Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Check out my blog...there's a little something there for you :)

  7. Visiting from the link up. Great idea for your team teddy sign!

  8. Gilmore Girls is one of the best shows ever!! Ahh I miss it! Then you had to go and post about Blair and Chuck... I miss Gossip Girl too! Have a great weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. stopping by from the linkup and am so excited to have found your cute blog! can't wait to start following you on GFC, hun! Hope today is filled with lots of love, sweets, and smooches! Xx.

  10. Glad to stop by your blog from 5 on Friday! Those snow pics are great. Love the boots! Not much snow over here in Texas! Happy Friday!

  11. Thank you so much for joining #TeamTeddy! We are so happy to have you on our team :) xoxo

  12. Love your #TeamTeddy idea!! And those boots are adorable! Sometimes snow days and staying curled up at home are the best! (From Michigan and we have a TON of it)
    Have a good weekend! :)


  13. Totally with you on Chuck and Blair!!!! What a perfect end to this post...CHEERS TO THAT!

  14. Ohhhh Chuck & Blair - best couple ever. I miss GG in a major way. Glad you are enjoying your snow - stay warm :)

  15. I'm with you... I totally did NOTHING on my break from work after being snowed it. Way to be productive. :)

  16. Love Chuck and Blair. I had fun seeing the snow, but was not sad to see it go. I'm ready for Spring to officially start.


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