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Disappearing Act

Whoops, didn't mean to disappear on y'all! Have you ever had one of those weeks where one minute it's Monday & the next minute it's Friday but somehow it was the longest week ever?

Here's what you can blame for that:
House of Cards
Spontaneous road trip
Unexpected road trip
A nice {not so little} rock to my windshield
Long days at work
a Saturday at work
Necessary drinks after
and on,
and on,
and on.

Hopefully I'll be back to regular posting soon :)


  1. I can so relate to that "loathing the necessity of sleep" thing!! :)

  2. What's this I hear about HOC? Apparently, it's all the rage at Classic.

  3. Missed you around blogland, friend! Hope to get caught up on your life soon :) Happy weekend!

  4. Sounds like you had quite the week! Here's hoping your weekend brings some R&R!


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