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2016: Travel Goals


New Year's Resolutions: yes or no?

I'm not usually one that likes to come up with resolutions and that's mainly because I feel like if you want to change something or start something new, you just need to jump in and you don't need to wait until a new year. That's how I got started with running at least and it works pretty well for me.

But... I'm in the mood for a few resolutions this year. There's something about 2016 that's making me feel like goals are the way to go. I've got a few different goal categories that I'll be sharing with you over the course of January but for now, let's stick with the first category: travel!

Because, you know, I don't travel enough as it is, I need to set goals surrounding travel.

Pick a super fun, super awesome location for our honeymoon next August.

Yeah... our wedding is in less than 7 months and we still haven't decided on where to honeymoon yet. It's goal #1 though and I'm hoping that we have something decided on in the next few weeks. If y'all have any suggestions on where to go, feel free to pass them along our way! We're leaning towards an all inclusive resort somewhere nice & warm.

Plan another football road trip.

I love this tradition that Patrick and I started a couple of years ago. Not only do we get to experience new towns, but we get to mark another college football stadium off of our bucket list. We'll start planning this trip as soon as Clemson comes out with their 2016 schedule.

Re-visit some of my favorite cities.


I feel like I'm cheating with this one because I already have trips in the works up to Asheville & Charlotte and down to Savannah. But all three of those cities are cities that I love and can easily spend more time in.


Find a new city within driving distance to go visit.

So... cheating again with this one. We have a trip coming up later this month up to Charlottesville, VA to visit some friends of ours. I don't know if we'll be able to squeeze in another trip to a new city {other than our football trip in the fall} but I'd really like to if we could!

Clearly, I've already made progress on these goals since I have a few trips in the works already. Traveling less definitely isn't a goal for me because to be honest, as much as I love a weekend at home, I feel like I'm wasting time when I'm not exploring somewhere new. That feeling of wanderlust drives Patrick up the wall sometimes but if I can be on the go somewhere, I usually choose to be on the go!


  1. Any front runners for the honeymoon? That was a fun- yet stressful- choice to make because all the places sound amaaaaazing!

  2. We went to Secrets in Riveria de Maya in Mexico for our honeymoon and it was amazing!!!

  3. You have plenty of time to plan a honeymoon! I've heard great things about St. Lucia for honeymoons, but we went on a mini-moon to Puerto Rico to save up for Europe the next year so I'm not much help on that front. And heck yes to Savannah and Asheville, I'd love to go back!

  4. We went to Ocho Rios for our honeymoon and loooooved it. My best advice is to go somewhere all-inclusive...after shelling out all that money for a wedding, you don't want to feel like you have to keep tabs on how much you're spending on drinks, you know?

  5. I live in Savannah (well, basically) so if you ever need advice, feel free to ask. Love love love Savannah! :)

  6. All of these trips sound amazing!! We had a blast in the Bahamas for our honeymoon, but I'm a fan of anywhere in the Caribbean.

  7. Love all these travel goals! I don't know if Nashville is driveable, but it is a super fun city to visit :) And I had some girlfriends go to Secrets in Mexico and they've raved about it!

  8. Traveling is always a good idea- great goals!! I've never been to Savannah but it's on my list. And as far as honeymoons- the only all-inclusive resort that I've been to was Secrets Royal Beach in Punta Cana, DR and it was absolutely amazing. Beautiful blue water, great food, and awesome rooms/grounds. Oh, and great entertainment too. We had a great time!!

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

  9. an all inclusive resort for a honeymoon sounds amazing! i've never been so can't wait to hear all about it if thats what you decide.
    i like 'resolutions' but i really just like goals, regardless of when. i like new years like i like mondays, or 1st of the month. i like clean slates. but i do agree you can change any time.

  10. I can't remember if I already recommended Aruba as a honeymoon destination to you already, but that's where we went and LOVED it. Our requirements were: not 3rd world country, all-inclusive, not a lot of kids running around, beach/warm/tropical, and direct flight from charlotte. Aruba fit the bill! I did a very lengthy recap (duh) a long while back, if you search!

  11. I love your football road trip tradition and can't wait to see where you go next :)

  12. I enjoyed reading your post and would like to congratulate you on your engagement. I hope you have found somewhere lovely to go on your honeymoon. It's a great idea to come up with some travel goals. I especially like the idea of visiting all the cities which are within driving distance of your home. This is something I am also going to start doing. Have fun with your travels.

    Danielle Richardson @ The Hoste


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