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Doubt Us Again

Y'all know that when it comes to Clemson, I don't tire of it easily.

Football season is never long enough. Tailgates can always go on for another hour. Games are too short. Discussions of football end entirely too soon. The New Year's Eve post game celebration of confetti, oranges, and dancing could have lasted well into 2016.


But you know what I'm tired of?

All of this doubt.

14-0 ... check.
Only undefeated team in the country... check.
Division champ... check.
Conference champ... check.
#1 team in the country for all 6 weeks of the CFP rankings... check.
Heisman finalist, coach of the year, conference player of the year {& a dozen other awards}... check.
Orange Bowl & CFP win... check.

UNDERDOG in the National Championship Game against the #2 team in the country {who lost at home earlier in the season}... check.

Don't mind me. I'll just be over here thoroughly enjoying the last week of the 2015-2016 college football season. It has been one heck of a ride this season and I cannot wait to watch my team take on Alabama in the National Championship Game next Monday night!

Go ahead. Label Clemson as the underdog again.

"It's amazing to me - we weren't favored to win - but we aren't an underdog. This game is about beating the dogs in front of you... all I know is we are going to the NATTY!!!" - Dabo Swinney


PS - if you're not following Clemson football's instagram account {@clemsonfb}, you're missing out on all the fun! They've done an amazing job chronicling this special season.


  1. I'm glad they are getting the respect that they deserve, reminds me of the Panthers not getting the respect they deserve, I'll be rooting for Clemson in the National Championship game :)

  2. As a football n00b, I can't say I know enough to contribute, but I sure am excited for your team! It's always fun when your team rocks it :)

  3. I cannot believe they are STILL an underdog, but at least it keeps giving them that angry drive to play as hard as they can! I am sooo excited to watch the game next week!

  4. yay they won right? haha i don't know enough to understand any of this, but yay!

  5. Was definitely thinking of you during that game on NYE! Congrats on all the excitement and success - cheering for you next week!

  6. Clemson has had an awesome season! I have really gotten into Clemson football this year but also have family at Alabama (and Clemson!) so I don't know who to pull for.. I can't wait to watch though!!


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