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Five on Friday

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Anyone doing anything fun to celebrate? We haven't really celebrated this holiday in a few years because to be honest, our local celebration {St. Pat's in 5 Points}, gets a little out of hand at times. Or it rains. Who wants to play at an outdoor festival in the rain? Not me.

There might have been some super gross looking green waffles this morning though...

Anyway, on to this week's Five on Friday with April!
Last year, I celebrated {if running counts as celebrating!} St. Patty's Day by running the St. Pat's Get to the Green 5K in Five Points.

Won't be doing that this year though. My streak of running races every single Saturday this year is coming to an end tomorrow morning {probably}. I haven't signed up for a race yet and there's a good chance I might not before tomorrow. I'm kind of looking forward to being able to sleep in a little on Saturday and being able to hit up Soda City Market right when it opens in the morning.

PS - Columbia friends, be sure to go to Soda City tomorrow! They're kicking of the Soda City Suds week and will be selling quite a few local craft beers at the market in addition to all of their other fabulous goods.
Anybody else really excited to see this movie now that it's been officially released in theaters?

One of my favorite childhood movies + one of my favorite actresses = must see. I'm almost positive that the last movie I saw in theaters {& stayed awake for} was the last Harry Potter movie. So, um, it's been a few years. Hopefully, I'll get to check this one out in theaters soon!
Pretty printed things {like wine bottle labels} get me every single time and I had to snag this bottle of wine when I saw it in Total Wine last weekend.

Bonus: it's actually really good! Love when that happens.

Now that we're a little more settled in our house, it's time to start thinking about buying some new furniture for it and replacing all of the just out of college furniture / hand me downs from our parents. I met with our interior decorator yesterday to look at some couches and chairs for our front living room, as long as different fabrics to cover them with.

I'm loving the fabric that she picked out!
Word of the week: patience.

& cheers!

Because sometimes being patient pays off and you get to celebrate with a glass {or your favorite Westbrook Two Claw Rye IPA if you're my husband} of wine!
Have a great weekend y'all! Enjoy all of the March Madness on TV & any St. Patty's Day festivities that you're partaking in this weekend!


  1. I'm loving that fabric you and your designer picked out- it's going to be absolutely adorable!! How exciting!

  2. Loving that fabric. I need to get to work on decorating our house with more personal touches.

  3. Yes to all of that fabric! Can't wait to see how it turns out. I love that kind of stuff.

  4. I totally buy wine based off their labels the majority of the time! ;) And I'm loving those fabrics!

  5. I love love love the fabric your looking at - it's beautiful!! I cant wait to see Beauty & the Beast :)

  6. Aw the green pancakes are so cute! I am a huge sucker for cute wine labels too - I always try to save them for when we're at a BYOB so they look nice on the table too haha!


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