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Five on Friday

Who's ready for a weekend of crazy scheduling? There's a mini mother/daughter road trip today, a stop by my favorite restaurant in Charlotte, a 5K, a gala benefitting SMA research, and who knows what on Sunday {because there are four things I really want to do that all are happening at the same time}.

There's also the ongoing vendetta against the snake in our yard. He's currently beating us 3-0 & if there's any hope of me ever doing any yard work ever again in our yard, we're going to have to even that score up a little bit.

Anyway. It's Friday - cheers!
We finally, finally, finally got the smallest bedroom in our house completed! The sad part is that this room was the very first one that had the ceiling painted, walls painted, new outlets/switch plates installed, and new ceiling fan hung. However, it quickly morphed into the paint supply / tool storage room. Not anymore!

{all the walls in this room are painted the exact same Carolina blue color, contrary to the picture above}

Patrick had been hard at work the last couple of weeks getting the trim sanded down & ready to paint. We knocked out the priming & painting over the weekend, got the blinds hung up, and moved out everything that wasn't supposed to be in there. Hello, new office space for me!
Hanging blinds makes me all kinds of happy. After we hung up the blinds in the small bedroom, we did a little work in the basement / future man cave. We painted the trim around the windows {they had been primed a few weeks ago} and got the blinds hung up down there, too.

It only took us 10.5 months but we now have {matching} blinds in all windows of our house! Hallelujah. I can't wait until we have our floors installed down here. They've been purchased & are sitting in the garage waiting for tax season to be over.

Two trips to River Rat in one week makes for one happy girl.

Two words:

Pineapple. Lamp.

It was a completely necessary purchase from Target this week, right?
Columbia {& Greenville, too!} friends: have you signed up for the COLAtoday {GVLtoday for Greenville friends} daily email yet? Are you following them on Instagram? If you haven't, trust me, you definitely need to be signed up and you need to be following them.

COLAtoday is officially launching Monday morning at 6am, but I was invited to attend their launch party yesterday evening after work at Craft & Draft.

Free tacos & free beer? Yes, please.

After our free tacos, we might have even gone back for the 3 for $5 taco deal that the Real Mexico food truck had going on. Worth it!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ummm, that is THE cutest lamp! And who can say no to tacos?! Happy Friday!

  2. House projects make me so happy! I love that kind of stuff. I totally get it about the matching blinds. Adulting is funny isn't it?

  3. Free tacos?! That wold make me very happy! Congrats on finishing the little room and hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Sounds like you're making lots of home progress. Your tacos look delicious!

  5. Free tacos and free beer? Sign me up! You guys have seriously made so much progress in your home - it's been so fun to follow along!


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