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Hello, fall!

Around here, fall is three things:
College Football {specifically Clemson} & Tailgates

Pumpkins {but not pumpkin flavored anything}

& being outside as much as possible.

The weather hasn't exactly cooperated with the last one, but y'all, it was in the 60s tonight when I was cooking supper on the grill outside. We still had highs in the 90s last week so this sudden cool weather is much appreciated.

Much appreciated.

Fall also means spending as much time with this guy as possible before tax season rolls around after the holidays. We're taking it easy after all of the traveling we did this summer and we're not planning any big trips this fall. Instead, we're taking advantage of the fun things going on in our own city, like Soda City Oktoberfest and Brookland Brunch.

But, fingers crossed, there is a day trip in our very near future. Or a trip to the South Carolina State Fair. Either one will work for me!

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  1. This cool weather is fantastic right now! I also totally agree on loving pumpkins but not the million pumpkin-flavored things around. Give me apple over pumpkin to eat any fall day!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven


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