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An Edisto 4th of July Celebration

Y'all, I counted down the days until our trip down to Edisto for months. I was so excited to have five full days at the beach with Patrick's family that I could barely contain it. It had been a few years since I'd been able to vacation with them for more than just a weekend, so I was packed and ready to go on the Tuesday before we left.

The first thing I did when we got down to Edisto a little after 8 o'clock last Friday evening? Grabbed my bike out of the truck, jumped on, and pedaled over to the beach to catch this incredible sunset.

Perfect way to start a beach vacation, right?

Early on Saturday morning, Patrick's dad fired up the smoker outside to cook up some incredible barbeque and ribs for our gender reveal with our families later that day.

While he was busy cooking, the rest of us were busy biking around the island and hanging out on the beach.

Saturday evening was a super special night with our families. We found out that baby GIRL was on the way {!!!} and for the first time ever, we had all of our siblings and their significant others in the same place at the same time. We didn't do the best job documenting it... or did we? Because I think the sibling picture pretty much captures us {even though nobody is really paying attention to the camera}

We spent the next four days of our vacation doing the same thing: biking, beaching, and spending plenty of time with Patrick's family. There was plenty of time on the beach, lots of laughs on the screened in porch in the evenings, quick naps in the hammock below the house, trips to the market, barbeque leftovers for days, more jellyfish than any of us would prefer, all the popsicles one could possibly want, an evening walk to grab ice cream, and so much fun.

When the World Cup is on, soccer must be played on the beach.

It wouldn't be a trip down to Edisto without a stop on my favorite dirt road for a photo.

It also wouldn't be a trip down to Edisto without going to Edisto Seafood by golf cart to buy shrimp for a low country boil.

Hammock naps? Yes, please!

Early morning walks on empty beaches before the rest of the island is awake are always one of my favorite things to do on Edisto.

Y'all, this rainbow was unreal. We woke up to storms on the morning of the 4th but when they rolled out of town, they left behind this gorgeous rainbow! Patrick and I hopped on the golf cart in our pajamas to chase it down on the beach.

Absolutely beautiful!

But... all vacations have to come to an end at some point.

It was such a good trip down to the low country! It was a little different to spend the 4th down on Edisto since for the last five years, we've spent the holiday on Kiawah. Don't worry Kiawah - I'm coming back for you next year!

I'm sad that we had to leave, but it's always nice being back home, too. It probably doesn't hurt that we'll be back down at the beach again this weekend {and a few more times this summer, too!}


  1. What gorgeous views!! I have never visited Edisto but would love to!

  2. What a wonderful trip!! Edisto is such a nice area. So excited for yall & sweet baby girl!

  3. That place looks GORGEOUS! I can't get over all the pictures - so pretty!


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