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The Second Year

It's no secret that we're over here getting excited for football season {33 days to go!} and all I can think about is that it'll be our tenth football season together. Ten?! How is it that even possible? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around that for some reason. We've been doing life together since I was 21 and Patrick was 23.

You know, since the days of sitting on the front row in our respective student sections for home football games.

It's our tenth Clemson / Carolina game together which means that, finally, finally, finally, we can even out the score in our house divided family {if Clemson pulls off the win against Carolina in November}.

But before we get to football season we've got a bigger milestone to celebrate: today is our 2nd anniversary!

Two years ago today looked a little something like this...

We were surrounded by our family, our friends, and all the people who helped us survive nine years of Clemson/Carolina games. It was the best day! It's one that I could relive over and over and over... and if you catch me daydreaming today, you can safely bet I'll be daydreaming about our wedding day. I've already started. I spent all day yesterday with "you know, we were right here in this church sanctuary two years ago today for our rehearsal" moments and I'm sure anytime I see the time today, I'm going to be thinking about what I was doing at that exact time two years ago.

Year two was filled with all kinds of adventures for us, but none quite as big as finding out that we were expecting. I daresay that year three is going to be one wild ride and there's nobody that I'd rather go on that wild ride with. Here's to our third year as we become a family of three!


  1. So excited to find out how year 3 goes!!! Wishes of happiness and health are coming your way! Congrats!


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