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Five on Friday

Can we talk about how football season is just around the corner? I can't wait. I am beyond ready to tailgate across the street from Bowman Field, watch my favorite team play in Death Valley, and to see all of my friends that I typically only get to see during football season. I'm even excited for the number of Saturdays that I'll have at home this fall where I can curl up on the couch watching College Gameday and then a day full of awesome games. Anyone else craving football season or is it just me?

Anyone interested in a post about where we find all of our fun tailgate glasses? I have that coming your way next week!

It's been awhile since there's been a Five on Friday post here on the blog, so let's get to it:

True story: earlier this week, I had to google how to listen to a podcast. Yup. I know that podcasts have been around for years but I've never had that much interest in listening to one until recently. Now I'm hooked on two:

Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis
Awesome with Alison

If you love podcasts and haven't listened to either one of them, try them out!

Can you tell what the priorities are in our house as fall approaches?

Football season is always one of my favorite times of the year and I never, ever wish it would go by any faster than it already does. But you add into that that at the end of football season, sweet baby girl will be making her appearance? It kind of makes me want to wish a football season... just a little bit.

Speaking of Baby Girl, this one was big for me this week: I had my glucose test {& I definitely took my mom with me to hold my hand for the blood draw}

I have spent all 30 of my years absolutely terrified of needles. My mom used to drag me out from underneath the table to get my finger pricked or get a shot at the pediatrician's office. I bawled in the waiting room while waiting to get my Meningitis shot so that I could go to college. They tried to draw my blood at the OBGYN when I was 19 and I got so panicked about it that the nurse refused to draw my blood because she was afraid that I was going to hurt myself or her if she tried. I spent 12 years blissfully needle-free until I got pregnant. I had a successful, tear-free blood draw at my 9 week appointment thanks to some excellent hand holding by Patrick and an excellent nurse.

My glucose test? Piece of cake. Either this whole needle thing was completely, 100% in my head or the nurses at my OBGYN are just plain amazing at sticking a needle in my arm {or the excellent hand holding from the mama!} Even better news? I passed!

Patrick and I fell in love with this cookbook one rainy morning in Kiawah, and my parent's gifted Patrick his own copy as an early birthday present this week. You can bet that we've already bookmarked about a dozen recipes to try in here! Our weekend definitely has biscuits involved.

And just for fun, here's a sneak peek at two of the rooms in our house that we've been hard at work on lately.

The living room:

We have one more piece of furniture that we need to get for this room {the coffee table - which I think we're planning to build} and then I'll call it complete and will share the whole thing with y'all.

The nursery:

The rug for this room arrives today, we need to buy the crib & the glider, and we're shopping for some things to hang on the wall this weekend.

I can't wait to show y'all what they look like when they're completely done!


Happy Friday! Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. I’m so excited for football season! Your house updates are looking great!

  2. LOVE the furniture you are using in your nursery! Can't wait to see more house updates!


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