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The Perfect Tailgate Wine Glass

If there's one thing that my mom and I love to have on hand for a Clemson tailgate, it's a cute wine glass.

We've built up quite a collection over the years! I think we used a different wine glass / tumbler / drink thing for every single tailgate last year and we had a fun time documenting a few of them throughout the season:

Naturally, with football season quickly approaching {you know, in less than two weeks!}, I'm on the hunt for what will be our drink ware of choice for this season. Some of our glasses have been gifts, some have been finds on Etsy, and some have been purchased at stores in Clemson. These are the top contenders for this year.

Swig 6oz Stemless Flute
I love our Swig stemless wineglass from last season, and saw this stemless flute version when Patrick and I were in Charleston earlier this summer. Since I've been on a big Fré Brut kick lately {thank you, baby girl!} this one is probably my top contender. The only downside is that it's 6oz, so it's not holding much in it.

Speaking of all things Swig, my sister-in-law knows exactly what to get my mom and I each year for Christmas these days: fun Clemson-colored drinkware. Two years ago it was a powder coated orange yeti and this past Christmas it was an orange/purple tie dyed Swig wine tumbler. This one is definitely making it into the rotation this fall! I haven't been able to find this exact one online but there's an orange and white one that would be perfect.

There's also a solid purple, orange, and a pearl color that would all be great as well.

Clemson Acrylic Wine Glass
Not into stemless? This Clemson one from Swoozies is a great option. It's sold out online right now, but I'm hoping that it comes back in stock sometime over the season.

Monogrammed Wine Tumbler w/ Straw and Lid
Anyone else struggle with walking from tailgate to tailgate and spilling your drink with each step? No, just me? It's a skill that I have yet to master even after all the years of tailgating that I've had to practice it. All of that is to say that I love tailgate glasses that have a lid and a straw like this one.

I bought these for my bridesmaids for my bachelorette weekend and made sure that all of the Clemson girls received the orange lid one so it could be used for tailgating. This is one my favorite ones throughout the years to use!

Happy Tailgating!


  1. You always have the BEST tailgating accessories! I love these wineglasses! I need a stainless steel stemless one for tailgates. SO perfect!

  2. You guys have the glasses covered!! I haven't tailgated in a couple of years, but I'm hoping next year to take little miss to her first one :) At least in the parking lot, probably not a game LOL! xo, Biana- BlovedBoston

  3. I have the swig tumbler for tailgating and love it! You're inspiring me - I need to get our tailgate bag out and go through and make sure we have everything we need. Our home opener isn't until the 8th, and I can't wait! Last year I ordered one of these tablecloths: https://www.tablevogue.com/ and want to get it embroidered with each year we've had season tickets. Need to get on that asap.

  4. You guys have quite the collection - I love the swig! You'll be back to wine out of that before you know it - I remember tailgating with my sparkling water last year just waiting to have a sip!

  5. I LOVE all the glasses you have! So fun and festive! I love the purple ones - are those Swig? I feel like I need some...I may not tailgate, but I can totally see that for hanging in the backyard. :)


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