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There have been subtle hints. A few nudges. A few straight up "why haven't you been blogging lately?" questions.

I hear y'all. Let's get this thing rolling again, alright? But first... we need to catch up a bit before I dive back in. What's been happening since the last blog post back in August?

We technically kicked off the first weekend of September in August with the launch of the Fall issue of Fig Columbia at Hotel Trundle. It was hands down my favorite launch party to date and I absolutely love any time that I get to spend at Hotel Trundle. I'm just trying to figure out how to work a staycation there into my very near future.

From there, we ventured to the upstate for John and Kayla's wedding weekend and an extremely hot Clemson game.

There was always a super sweet baby shower hosted by our friends... that I have zero pictures from. How this happened? I have no idea. The photos I took all ended up corrupted.

The other highlights of this month might have been finally finishing furnishing our bedroom {including adding a new carpet!}, beginning to work on the nursery, and starting to make our front entry way closet actually usable.

{just need to find something to hang above our bed now that we've taken down what used to be there when we got a new bed frame}

October started off with a weekend down in the low country where our Kiawah friends hosted a baby shower for us {more on that later this week}.

& the next day, we followed the shower up with maternity photos {more of these this week, too!} and brunch in downtown Charleston.

We continued working on Baby Girl's nursery...

We attended the Gervais Street Bridge Dinner with the team that I work with. This should probably be an entire post of it's own one day, but let's just say that the bridge dinner is a lot of fun and I'm hoping to go back next year when I can enjoy the drinks, too!


...baby month!

It's been a solid few weeks of getting ready for Baby Girl's arrival. We had our last baby shower, we've pretty much finished up the nursery, we've had our house cleaned from top to bottom, and now we're just playing the waiting game until she decides it's time to show up.

This whole waiting game though is giving me plenty of time to catch up on blog posts that I've wanted to write over the last few months. Are you ready to be bombarded this week? Because you're definitely going to be bombarded this week with all things baby.

We haven't been traveling. We haven't really been to football games. It's been a very different kind of fall for us. The last time I packed a suitcase? The first weekend of October. I have not stayed put in one place for this long since... high school? Maybe freshman year of college? The next "trip" that we take will be to the hospital.

And that's only freaking me out a tiny bit.

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  1. Um look at you with a baby due any day and blogging - glad to have you back!


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