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A Southern Twenty-Five On Friday!

Get ready for it.


...It's another football free weekend! Clemson played Wake Forest last night and USC doesn't have a game this weekend... so hello weekend in Columbia with absolutely no plans other than my race tomorrow morning.

Woo hoo!

I am so ready to run, eat brunch, and then hang out on the couch all day long watching football. Yes. Please.

Clemson traveled up to Winston Salem last night to take on Wake Forest in a Thursday night game on ESPN. We all went to Draught, the Charlotte Clemson bar, to watch the game and well... Clemson decided to play around with our emotions until the 4th quarter.

C'mon guys. Enough of that this year!

Photo: CLEMSON WINS!!! Tigers have now won 6 straight! Postgame info here: bit.ly/1vR4gys. Go Tigers!

But at least we have another W {5 in a row!} and the #1 defense in the country and Deshaun Watson is approved to play next weekend against GT!

JCrew had a pretty decent sale going on this past weekend online and I fell in love with this coat. I debated over it all day Saturday & Sunday before breaking down and ordering it Sunday night before bed.

It arrived at my door yesterday afternoon and is absolutely perfect. It got here just in time for next weekend which is great...

... because we're going to Asheville! And right now the weather forecast is cold.

I've been begging Patrick for six years now {holy cow} to go to the Biltmore at Christmas and we're finally going this year. Neither one of us has even been to Asheville to begin with so it'll be a fun little weekend trip.


Any suggestions for where we should eat/what we should do while we're there?

Is it too early to start listening to Christmas music? Because this soundtrack came out on Tuesday and yeah... I might already be listening to it.

Y'all, I've graduated. I've moved on from the 5K. We had a rocky, up & down relationship over the last year and a half but it's time for bigger and better things. Like an 8K!

I'm running my first one tomorrow morning in downtown Columbia.

&  then proceeding directly home for a shower, pancakes & bacon, and football on TV all day long :)


Happy Friday! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Linking up again this week with April, Darcy, Christina, and Natasha.



  1. The Biltmore at Christmas time sounds AMAZING!! We were thinking about going up the weekend after Thanksgiving. I love the jacket too, great find!!

  2. The Biltmore is going to be so beautiful - so many pretty decorations and lights!!

  3. You will love the Biltmore at Christmas...we went 2 years ago (and also got engaged there almost 4 years ago!) and it was magical!!! The only place I know to recommend eating is Tupelo Honey! :) Good luck on your 8K!!

  4. Football filled weekends are always enjoyable. That coat is gorgeous!! Great find and the Southern forecast is CHILLY for the coming weeks so perfect timing.


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