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Lazy Saturdays & Homemade Pizza

After kicking some major boo-tay in my 8K on Saturday, Patrick and I decided to wander around downtown Columbia for a little bit. We went to First Citizen's Cafe to grab a drink and then realized that the Soda City Market was going on.

We had been to the market once before and hadn't had a chance to go back since. But hey, it was our football free weekend and what else were we going to do with our Saturday morning? So off we went to check it out and boy has it grown in the last year! There were so many more vendors than the last time we stopped by.

One vendor in particular caught our eye, Two Foodies Gluten Free, because they were offering free samples of their gluten/dairy/soy free pizza dough and Patrick and I had plans to make pizza that night. It was perfect timing for us. Plus, the vendors were very cool and talked to us for awhile about their product.

We ended up purchasing a box to test it out.

I'm going to have to apologize here... because the rest of our Saturday consisted of watching football, drinking beer, catching up with my friend Ashley, and eating sausage dip.

All of the excitement put me to sleep on the couch around 8 for about an hour, and by the time I woke up, it was almost too late to make this pizza. But we were determined to have pizza after purchasing all of the ingredients.

Patrick and I made pizza sauce from scratch and it completely stressed me out. I had no idea what he was doing in the kitchen because he was just throwing things into a blender. Eventually, I got caught up in the fun and started to help add in things like garlic, minced onions, salt, sugar, pepper, etc until we were happy with the way it tasted. I would love to share the recipe with you but I have no idea what we did! Oops again?

Once we had our sauce, we started to build our pizza. Patrick rolled out the dough by hand {because rolling pins are overrated} and I added the toppings. Cheese, pepperoni, and green bell peppers.

I was a master pizza maker the summer before & after my freshman year of college, so I took over once it was time to add the toppings to the pizza.

This was the finished product:

& you know what? For being gluten free {except for the flour we used to keep the dough from sticking}, dairy free, and soy free... that pizza was freakin' delicious. I was very impressed with how good it was and I know that we'll be heading back to Soda City at some point in the near future to pick up some more pizza dough mix from Two Foodies Gluten Free.


  1. I love homemade pizza nights! :) Sounds like a fun Fall weekend!

  2. Yum! Sounds delicious. I'm a pepperoni and green pepper girl too!

  3. The pizza looks delicious.. and healthy too!(:


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