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Asheville: The LAB & Wicked Weed

Downtown Asheville is the place to be on a sunny, cool Saturday. The breweries and shops were filled with people trying to escape the cold weather, including Patrick & me. We started off with a quick lunch at Pack's Tavern which was a great place to watch a football game. But... since we were not in Asheville to watch football, we left there as soon as we had finished our lunch.

Patrick & I shopped around on Broadway Street in whatever store happened to catch our eye. We hit up a few stores before coming across one of the breweries that Patrick wanted to try, The LAB {Lexington Avenue Brewery}.

Patrick enjoyed his beer there, but I was not a fan. They had a limited beer selection and nothing on the menu sounded like something that I wanted to drink. I had seen a beer on their menu called "Can I Get a Wit-Ness" that I wanted to try, but it wasn't available on Saturday. So I sat back with a glass of wine while Patrick tried out two beers {Bar Nun & Hop Burst} that he liked a lot.

I'll give The LAB this though... their food looked and smelled delicious. I wanted to try the french fries so bad each time they came around and I caught another whiff of them.

Eventually, we made our way down to the one brewery that everyone had told us that we had to visit: Wicked Weed. Once inside, we headed straight for the basement bar area to grab a beer.

I have no idea what Patrick had, but my beer was the "Weiss Not?" and it was so amazingly good. It was the perfect beer for me.

We took our beers outside to the sunny, heated patio area to enjoy. You had to walk through part of the brewery area to get out there which meant we had to take a picture or two...

The outside patio area downstairs was nice. There were plenty of long tables where you could sit, there were several cornhole boards, and {most importantly] there were heat things to keep you warm. We found a table right underneath the heat and I was as happy as could be sitting there with my beer.

We had to leave sooner than either one of us would have liked but we had plans to get to the Grove Park Inn before sunset. Don't worry. There was still time to purchase a t-shirt for me and two growlers as we were on the way out the door!

If you go to Asheville, I absolutely recommend that you check out Wicked Weed. Everyone who suggested it to us was right: good beer, great atmosphere. If only they would open up a second location in Charlotte...


  1. OMG that brewery is so cute! Love the taps and you beer sounds like it would be the perfect beer for me too! Glad you guys had amazing weather too!

    <3, Pamela

  2. We will definitely have to check out Wicked Weed next time we are in Asheville!! Loving the Asheville updates!

  3. My husband would seriously love that brewery!!! Sounds like it was a really great time!!

  4. I've never been to Asheville but it looks adorable! That brewery sounds awesome!

  5. Love Wicked Weed! It's a must do each time we're in Asheville! Glad you enjoyed :)

  6. So glad you used my recommendations! Can't wait to hear more about your trip! Tell Patrick I am proud of him for allowing you to take pictures of him :) xoxo

  7. Love the look of the HUGE chalkboard and taps at Wicked Weed. And seriously, is there a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than on a {warm} patio with a beer?!!?

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