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A Charleston Saturday

Do you ever have one of those afternoons that you just don't want to end?

Patrick and I drove down to Charleston Saturday morning to do a little shopping, catch up with some friends, and attend a wedding later that evening.

We met up with our friends Jacob & Cameron for lunch at Southend Brewery {where our friends Laurel & Steven had their rehearsal dinner back in May}. Somehow, I managed to convince my brother to walk over from his apartment to hang out with us as well. We ate lunch, drank some beer, and then headed across the street to The Rooftop Bar to continue our day drinking.

There's nothing like sitting on top of a roof in the middle of downtown Charleston on an unseasonably warm afternoon with your friends.

We chatted. We judged each other for all wearing Ray-Bans. We drank some delicious beer. We made a beer can tower. We debated even going to the wedding that night at all.

I learned how to drink a new beer.

My brother and I even took a picture together!

Not just one, but TWO.

Looks like we can get along when we don't have an entire country between us.

It also looks like another Charleston weekend is going to have to happen sometime in the near future. Something tells me there's a weekend {or two??} in March that's going to be pretty awesome.


  1. but you all look so cute in your matching raybans!

  2. Sounds like the absolute perfect day!! I'm ready for the day drinking warm spring days to begin. (:

  3. Friends, drinks & Ray-bans... that looks like a great day!!!

  4. What a fun day trip!! I'm so jealous of how close to Charleston you are - it's my favorite!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. What a fun trip! It must be nice to be able to take a day trip to Charleston, I'm jealous! I've had days like that where you don't want them to end and have questioned doing whatever else you had planned that day. Glad you had fun!

  6. I'm glad you had such a great afternoon and yay for hanging out with your brother as friends!! :) I'm jealous of your warm weather and being able to sit on the patio!

  7. Girlfriend, I LOVE your earrings in these pictures!


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