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Wandering Around Davidson

Davidson, NC is one of my very favorite places to go walk around when it's a pretty day out.

Lindsey and I made the drive up to Davidson Sunday morning to go get brunch at Toast.

Have you ever been to Toast and not had to wait for a table? We put our name down and we were told it'd be a 10 minute wait. Two seconds later, they called out our name to seat us at our table. I don't know about you, but that's never happened to me. We were counting on 30-45 minutes to walk around first!

The table next to us totally busted us for playing with our cameras at the table and taking pictures of each other. Oops.

Lindsey's breakfast was prettier than mine. There's only so many times you can take pictures of a stack of pancakes with a side of bacon before it gets really, really old.

After we finished up at Toast, we headed outside to walk around a little bit and to play with our cameras. Davidson is always pretty, no matter what time of year you go.


  1. I need to actually visit Davidson, I've drive through it a million times for different reasons but never explored it.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I'm so impressed with your photog skills.


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