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The Two Person Brewery Bar Crawl, 2.0

Remember that time that Patrick & I participated in a two person, one brewery bar crawl?

It was time to do it again this past Friday, but with Laurel instead for an early birthday celebration. Bonus points because we actually made it to three breweries! Laurel gets all the credit for convincing me to finally learn how to drink beer and I'm glad that she did. There are a ton of breweries in Charlotte to explore.

Brewery #1: Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

Let's talk about how much I want to come back to this place when it is warmer. I was able to visit it last Christmas when my family was in town but I hadn't been back since. Since then, they have moved into a much larger space across the street that has a huge biergarten that will be perfect as soon as the weather warms up in the spring. Plenty of seating + multiple cornhole sets make for an excellent place to go drink on a pretty Saturday afternoon.

We grabbed a beer from the bar and ordered some food {because new space = full menu} and the food did not disappoint. I ordered a pizza with pepperoni and bacon that was delicious. The dough is made with whole grain wheat and OMB Copper. Um, yes.

Drink of choice: Southside Weiss

Brewery #2: Sugar Creek Brewing

Sugar Creek Brewing is a newer brewery in Charlotte and it's actually located in the old OMB location. It was a logical next stop since it was right across the street and because I hadn't been there before. We stopped in for one beer each {I had their witbier} before heading on to brewery #3.

I'm still trying to figure out the boxers painted on the outside of the building though...

Brewery #3: Sycamore Brewing

Sycamore is another new-ish brewery and one that I hadn't been to, so instead of going to one of my favorites {Unknown Brewing} for our third stop, we checked out Sycamore. This place had so many beer choices! I stuck with the wheat beer while we were there and it ended up being my favorite beer of the day between the three breweries.


If you're keeping count at home, I have now been to:
Unknown {Parts 1 & 2}
OMB {Part 1}
Triple C {Part 1}
NoDa Brewery
Sugar Creek

& still need to go to:
Bird Song
District 9

Looks like I need to schedule another two person brewery bar crawl sometime soon! Any takers?


  1. ooh so fun! I have never really done a pub crawl. those boxers on the side of the building are weird, wasn't there a boxer named Sugar? (I know nothing).

  2. So fun! We loved checking out the breweries when we lived in Charlotte. I'll have to put those new ones on my list to try next come fall. I love that Craft and Draft in Columbia carries a lot of NC beers. P.S. beer in the pizza dough, such a great idea!

  3. mmm beer...I miss it (hahaha) SO fun!!

  4. That pizza looks amazing!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. I love OMB's new location. They offer yoga on tap on Tuesday nights (free yoga!) and last summer a friend and I went when they hosted it in the biergarten. It was super awesome! I really enjoyed my first visit to Sugar Creek too, their Vanilla Java Stout was really delicious. I still need to make it to Sycamore, I hope sometime soon!!!

    A chilly Charlotte afternoon sounds perfect spent in a warm brewery sipping on beer!

  6. I'm gonna be in Charlotte in a couple of months and I'm adding these places to my list! xo


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