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A Perfect Knight

It was 75 degrees, sunny, and Thirsty Thursday. What else could you want in a weeknight baseball game?
Last Thursday night I went to the new BB&T Ballpark uptown to see the Charlotte Knights take on the Durham Bulls and it was such a great night to go out to a baseball game with my soon-to-be-wed friends Laurel & Steven.

If you haven't been out to the new stadium, it should be on your bucket list of things to do this season. The stadium is pristine and you cannot beat the skyline view of uptown! Not even kidding - the view is half the reason that I wanted to go to the new stadium to see a game.

We didn't have tickets to the game because we didn't want to buy standing room only tickets and figured that we could find someone selling tickets outside of the stadium. Well... there were not that many people selling tickets and we ended up buying standing room only tickets anyway. To be honest, standing room only wasn't a bad deal. They have lots of places around the stadium where you can stand and easily see the game... there are little bars/countertops all around the edge of the stadium for those who don't have actual seats.

On Thirsty Thursdays you can buy a draft beer for $3 {instead of the ridiculous $7.50 they're trying to charge on a regular night}. I didn't try too much of the food but they looked like they had a lot of good options and the fries that I did have were awesome. I'm talking hot, slightly crispy, with just the right amount of salt.

Eventually we found ourselves up in some of the box seats and had this fantastic view:

See? I told you the view was worth it.

& the best part?

The Knights won!

I did miss like half the runs being scored but I did see the final play which was kind of exciting. Maybe I'll get into baseball a little bit more now that I have a close team to go watch?


  1. Love it! Hope to catch many many more games this summer!

  2. I'm so sad they didn't have this stadium when I lived in Charlotte a couple years ago. It looks like so much fun!

  3. Hello Baseball games but most of all hello boxed seats! I love that view :)

  4. Love that skyline! How fun that they played our local team the Bulls!

  5. What a view! And those fries are making my mouth water. Gotta love a spring baseball game!


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