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Easter's Memory Lane

Easter is a pretty big deal to me for a lot of reasons. It's one of my favorite Sunday's at church & some of my favorite hymns are Easter ones. Superficially, it's a big deal because it usually means a new dress & fun/hilarious pictures out in front of the church. I'm usually the one rounding everyone from the old youth group up and getting a picture taken.

Everyone is usually irritated with me.

The sun is always in our eyes {even when it's cloudy?}

Some years, the wind likes to swoosh by right when the shutter snaps.

We can get maybe one picture where everyone is looking at the right camera, there are no squinty eyes, and the wind is nonexistent.

{Side Note: I've just realized that I'm turning into my mother. I treat the Easter pictures the exact same way she treats the Christmas morning pictures}

They sure are fun to look back on though...

I almost skipped past this year and started with 2009. But... I like real life on this blog so here's real life: my freshman & sophomore year of college eating/exercise habits were the worst. Whatever.

For the record, Jayson, Kayla {now married! woo!} & I have been the only ones in the pictures every year the last six years.

First Easter together. Look at that squint action!

By far my favorite picture because we got everyone in it before we all graduated from college and moved away

which includes my brother, as this was his last Easter before moving to Seattle

Gorgeous Sunday!

First dress from Anthropologie. I didn't think it was "Easter-y" enough at the time and now it's one of my favorite dresses.

Favorite family Easter picture, ever

Don't be fooled by the clouds. It was bright outside & squinting was necessary.

Can't wait to see how the pictures turn out this year!


  1. i started dying laughing when i got to 2013. hahahha

  2. Love this! Sadly enough, I think I've seen them all but it still made me smile! Can't wait to see this years picture!!


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