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Kiawah: Food Truck Rodeo

The very first time that I went out with the intention of eating from a food truck was back in December. I fell in love that night with a food truck called Papi Queso because Papi Queso is pretty much the greatest food truck ever. I will stand in line for 30 minutes and wait another 15 for one of their Big Cheesy grilled cheese sandwiches. I have written multiple posts on this blog about said sandwich. I will go to no other food truck at Food Truck Friday because there can't possibly be a better food truck out there than Papi Queso.

Well... that was all true until I met Coastal Crust.

I had my eye on this Food Truck Rodeo, held at Freshfields Village between Kiawah & Seabrook Islands, for quite sometime. I was mildly interested to see what the Charleston food trucks were like and if there any food trucks that compared to my love, Papi Queso. I didn't have high expectations.

My parents and I went to the Food Trucks Sunday afternoon and started wandering around. There were food trucks offering seafood {gross}, BBQ {promising}, and cookies. But then I stumbled across a little unassuming tent and took a closer look.

... was that brick oven?

... were they cooking pizzas??

... is that where the heavenly smell is coming from???

Yeah. Had to try it.

My mom and I decided to split the first pizza. We got traditional sauce, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, pepperoni, and bacon. In less than 10 minutes they had taken our order, I had paid, they had made the pizza, and I had it in my hands.


That was way faster than it took to get a freaking grilled cheese from Papi Queso. How in the world does a pizza cook faster than a grilled cheese?

And oh my goodness was it delicious.

My mom and I sat there for a minute while my dad decided to go check out a food truck & get a shrimp taco. It didn't take long before we were fishing through our wallets to go order another pizza.

Two pizzas? Whatever. I like to eat and I had biked 20 plus miles over the weekend.

The second one was just as good as the first one. We skipped the bacon the 2nd time around and just had pepperoni.

If you live out in Charleston or Mt. Pleasant, I suggest you find this food truck sometime in the near future and check them out! It was some of the best pizza I've ever had.


  1. Yum! That sounds so good! We're able to get out to Charleston pretty often, so that will be on our list to track them down!

  2. That looks delicious! I have never been to a food truck once and that has to change soon!

  3. LOVE Kiawah! I wish they had the food truck when I visited! Looks so good!

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