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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday: Summer Style!

I may be one of the only people who isn't annoyed with the jump from the winter-ish weather last week to the full on summer weather this week. Y'all already know I love my weather hot... give me upper 80s & 90s and I am set. I don't need any of this 70 degree weather - go ahead and skip it, please!

So, yeah, I've been pretty ecstatic about the weather that has been hanging around Charlotte this week. It reminds me that summer is just around the corner. Although, because I go home for lunch almost every day it makes it reallllly hard to come back to work when all I want to do is hang out down by the pool.

Here's to another Five on Friday with hostesses April, Darci, Natashaand Christina!


Sign number one that summer is almost back is not the pollen in the air or the warmer temps {although those do help!} but rather the return of the Kings Drive Farmers Market. It opened up at 6am this morning and guess which crazy person decided it was a great idea to wake up & go before work this morning?


That's right.

This girl.

As much as I love this farmers market, their hours & location make it a little difficult to get to. They're only open Tuesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays. I knew that I wouldn't be able to go tomorrow & I was being impatient {surprise, surprise} so I certainly wasn't waiting until next Tuesday. Not a possibility.

Warmer weather? Check. Daylight until after 8? Check. Must mean it's time to get back out on the Greenway with my bike! Luckily, my bike is coming back to Charlotte this weekend and I've been pestering people for like a month now about getting a group together to go ride after work one day next week. The weather this week has had me itching to get back out on the Greenway... enough so that I almost went out and bought a new bike. I decided I could wait a couple more days though :)

This summer marks my 5th summer in Charlotte and in the previous four summers I have only made it out to a Charlotte Knights' baseball game once. It was such a long drive to allllll the way down to Fortmill for a baseball game and it pretty much wasn't worth the drive. I'm not the biggest baseball fan outside of college baseball so I haven't had much interest.


I expect that to change fairly quickly though now that the Knights' new home in uptown is complete & ready for a game. Their season kicks off {can I even use that phrase with baseball?} next Friday and I'm already looking ahead to see when the first game I can go to will be. Their new home is beautiful & I can't wait to go to a game there.

... can I go back to Savannah yet?

Here's to this summer providing a second opportunity to visit this great town. Anyone want to go?!

Tuesday night this week I got to check out my fourth Charlotte Brewery {one here & two/three here}. NoDa Brewing has been on my list and I had a perfect reason to go this week: a friend of mine from work was performing at the Ales for Autism event held there. It was such a beautiful afternoon on Tuesday and there was a good turnout for the event. It was nice to hang out with friends from work, have a couple of beers, and listen to Joe sing.

Happy FRIDAY! I hope that it is warm, sunny, and gorgeous wherever y'all are this weekend! Get outside & enjoy it :) I know that I will be!

P.S. - be sure to swing over to Virginia Sweet where my high school friend & college roommate, Ashley, is guest blogging today. Can't wait to see more posts from her!


  1. I'll have to add that brewery to my list of go tos! Happy weekend!

  2. I feel like we're all so much more active in the spring and summer - it's just so much more fun to be out!! Your first photos got me really excited to go to a fresh market soon! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I can't wait for summer either! Although, here in Michigan I feel like it is still gonna take awhile :-/ I love Farmer's Markets and can't wait for summer for them! So much goodness at these places! I also love breweries!! A good craft beer... you can't go wrong!

  4. I'm literally there with you on all of these! NoDa is one of my favorite breweries, and we picked up Knights tickets for opening weekend--can't wait! I'll also be up bright and early at the farmers market for my fresh produce I've been waiting allll winter for! Enjoy the weekend :)

  5. I am so ready for over 50 degree temps to hit Michigan! After the winter we've had I'm going to make every warm day count. I love that you went to the Farmer's Market before work this morning :)

  6. The Kings Drive Farmer's Market...THE BEST!!!!!!!! Xx.

  7. So much summer fun here! Love it!!! Farmers markets are def one of my favorite things about warmer weather :) :)

  8. So crazy! I know Ashley through another friend! She's so sweet! And I am with you on the warmer temps, girl!!

  9. mmm look at those strawberries! way to get out there before work! haha too funny you were ready to buy a new bike because you were too ready to go go go. I love Savannah! I hope you get to go soon.

  10. I'm glad to see this warm weather! Now, hopefully we won't have a repeat of the rainy summer we had last year. I feel like they got the Knight's stadium up in a timely fashion. It looks pretty good.

  11. Loving the pic of you grinning at the farmers market. That is exactly how I feel about fresh foods and veggies :)


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