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What's In Our Tailgate Box

Now that we're officially on the clock for football season to start {22 days to go!}, it's time to start getting prepped for the season.
First thing's first: the tailgate box.

With all of the games that we manage to get to throughout the season, it's pretty essential to have all of the necessary items every week. We take a tailgate box with us to each and every tailgate that has all of the necessities in it that we need and don't want to show up to a tailgate without. Ours is housed in a gigantic plastic bin and gets cleaned out/restocked once a year before the season starts.

It gets pulled out of the car at the beginning of the tailgate and stashed underneath the table until it's time to pack up and head in.

It's also served as a makeshift table for those of us too lazy to get out of our chair to get to the Black Bean & Corn Salsa dip.

Here's a list of things that we like to keep in our box:
paper plates
plastic silverware
plastic cups
plastic wine glasses
paper towels
hand sanitizer
Lysol wipes
baby wipes
wine opener
beer bottle opener
grilling spatula
grilling tongs
gallon size plastic bags
quart size plastic bags
rain ponchos
hot hands

You can always customize what goes into your box in school colors, based on the anticipated weather for the weekend, tailgate menu, etc. Our box will change a little throughout the season. That's mainly due to the fact that Clemson tailgaters can strike gold at the post-Halloween sales {alllll the orange and purple!} and due to the fact that my mom and I usually see things at other people's tailgates that we have to have.

After unloading our box last week & taking inventory, I have a few other things to run out and buy to add to the box before the first game.

What's in your tailgate box? Am I missing anything out of mine that I need to add in before our first football game?


  1. I love this idea! We used to tailgate all the time for the MSU Spartans before we moved 2 hours away. My mother in law would pack 7 or 8 totes just like this(she was a bit excessive in her packing)!

  2. You guys are so prepared it makes the rest of us look bad! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love this idea! Easy to clean up and you always know where things are!

  4. A tailgate box is such a good idea! Unfortunately this year we have so many things going on we wont get to make it to many of the NC State games!

  5. Oh man this is a great idea. We don't tailgate but I could see us having a beach box very similar to this!

  6. Ok- so what is your favorite tailgating food? We are prepping for our first big one of the year and I can't WAIT!

  7. Such a genius idea!!! I can't wait for football season (and I am a UNC fan, do they even have a football team lol)!! But I think we will need to copy this idea for sure!!!


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