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Weekending in Kiawah

You win some, you lose some.

Weekend Wins:

I was in one of my favorite places ever, Kiawah.

Hamburger + pimento cheese + tomato, with a side of grilled zucchini spears for dinner.

I actually woke up on Saturday morning {without an alarm!} and went for my first half marathon training run of 3 miles.

My mom and I biked 15 miles around the island {& another 7 on Sunday}

We went out to eat with all of our favorite people on the island at a new restaurant called Heritage at Seabrook and it was fantastic. More on that one later this week.

Persistence paid off: we may have not seen the Blue Moon on Friday, but we saw a super full & very pretty moon Saturday night.

Got some party planning done for someone's birthday at the end of the month.

It was sunny enough for a pretty bike ride around Kiawah Sunday morning & to go down to the beach after breakfast.

Weekend Losses:

The "it's raining so hard that people are using flashers and pulling off to the side of the highway" rain that I drove through to get to Kiawah on Friday.

The cloudy Friday night that prevented us from seeing the Blue Moon.

The 5am wake up call Saturday morning in the form of a thunderstorm.

The miserably muggy, hot, humid, and slow 3 mile run.

That afternoon long thunderstorm on Saturday that kept me from going to the beach and from napping at the house.

It started raining just enough to drive everyone off the beach 1.5 hours after showing up Sunday morning.

{anyone notice how much I dislike rain when I'm at the beach?}


... all in all, it was not the perfect, sunny weekend spent on the beach that I had in my mind over the last couple of weeks when I was planning for this weekend. But it did give me plenty of motivation to find not one, but two more weekends in August to get down there before football season starts. Silver lining, right?

I'll see you again soon, Kiawah, just do me a favor and be a little more sunny next time, k?


  1. More power to you for running in that humidity!!

  2. Your weekends in Kiawah always looke like the best time! I’m so jealous of all the biking – I’d love to have a nice spot to just cruise around on a bike.

  3. I admire your dedication & commitment to the marathon. Good luck! :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  4. Nice work on your start to training!! The weather was so funky this weekend, but I'm glad you still got some good things in. Can't wait to hear more about that new restaurant :)

  5. yuck, that rain sounds horrible and scary!
    yay for your half marathon training starting! congrats on getting up without an alarm.


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