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Championship Weekend: Clemson vs UNC

Undefeated. 13-0. ACC Atlantic Division Champion. State Champion. ACC Player of the Year. ACC Coach of the Year. ACC Champion. Heisman Finalist.

National Champion?
I don't know if I'm ready to go that far yet but y'all, it's been one hell of a season {so far!}as a Clemson alum and I'm pumped about our New Year's Eve playoff game against Oklahoma.

But back to this past Saturday: the ACC Championship in Charlotte, NC.

Tailgating on Saturday was all about catching up with old friends/coworkers that I haven't seen in months. So naturally, we had to take a million pictures. & by we, I mean me.

{the # of boots in the above picture makes me laugh every time I see it}

Special thanks to Laurel {& her husband!} for letting us crash at their house for the weekend!
True story: Michele mentioned to her husband that she wanted to be sure that she got some good pictures at the tailgate... and then she remembered that I would be there so of course there would be a lot of pictures ;)

I actually ended up putting my camera down for a loooong time at this tailgate. By the time I picked it back up, the sun had set and even more friends had come over to tailgate with us.

& it's only fitting that we were able to take this picture:

These three were my first friends in Charlotte. We all went through the same major & classes together at Clemson but never really became friends until living in the same city after graduation. The four of us were the original Taco Night group.

We left early to walk over to the stadium knowing that the game was sold out and the security process was likely to take a little bit of time. What we didn't anticipate was the masses of people standing in a big blob outside of the stadium. The "line" was a huge group of people trying to get as close as possible to the stadium. It was a gigantic disaster! We were stuck outside of the stadium for over an hour and missed nearly the entire 1st quarter of the game.

This girl was NOT happy about that. But I was thrilled when we finally got into the game!

I will never get tired of watching Deshaun Watson play and I cannot wait to see him {hopefully!} take home the Heisman on Saturday night. I thought he was fantastic last year but last year doesn't even compare to how good he has been this year!

Clemson ran away with the game in the second half but decided to stress out every single Clemson fan by letting UNC back into the game late in the 4th quarter. Luckily, things ended exactly the way that I wanted them to: Clemson won, is now 13-0, is the ACC Champion, and is headed to the College Playoffs!

We took our time after the game getting out of the stadium and walking back to the car. We pit stopped in my very favorite park in Charlotte {Romare Bearden} and enjoyed the view for a few minutes.

Perfect day, perfect tailgate, perfect game, perfect season!


  1. I just love this! My wish to Santa is that the Panthers go 16-0 this season, ohh how magical that could be!

  2. Yes that line to get in was RIDICULOUS! We left our tailgate at 6:30 (!!!!) and still barely made it before kickoff! But I am glad y'all won (even with that crazy offsides call at the end)!! I'll be rooting for your boys to win the National Championship for sure!

  3. When they won my first thought was Chesson is going to be so happy!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

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