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The Best of 2015

So, 2015 was a big year around here & the best part about blogging is that I have a handy dandy journal of all of my adventures over the last year. It makes remembering everything oh so much easier.
Although, if you ask my fiancé, I never forget anything and I'll have very little trouble remembering the fun & exciting events of 2015.
Here's the best of 2015 on A Southern Twenty-Five!
New 5K PRs #1, #2, & #3

Exploring Louisville #1, #2, #3, & #4

2015 was awesome, but I'm rather partial to the second half of it. I'm excited to see what 2016 has in store for me...
a wedding {mine!}
a new last name
a relaxing weeklong trip somewhere fabulous {honeymoon suggestions??}
a new house
trips down to Kiawah
more football games
road trips
& so much more
But if we're really going to start off 2016 right, it's going to start off with a Clemson victory on New Year's Eve in the College Football Playoff game and then a win in the National Championship game ;)
Happy New Year, y'all!


  1. I am SO excited for your year to come! Bachelorette weekend here we come!! Cheers to a Tiger win! xoxo

  2. It's certainly been an incredible year - but 2016 will 100% be even better!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Good luck with the game! I can't wait to watch it... and the 27 other games on. Oh what will we do when bowl season is over!

  4. What a fabulous year - I can't wait to keep up with all this fun wedding stuff ahead this next year for you!

    Will be rooting for you guys tomorrow!

  5. can't wait to see where you all honeymoon! i'd give suggestions, but it depends on what kind of honeymoon you want? we went to Vegas, which most people turn their nose up at haha but it was amazing. right mix of doing stuff and relaxing. plus, i couldn't leave the US ;) we are going on a cruise in june and i've heard good things about that for honeymoons, but i've never been on one. anyway. can't wait to follow along and see how amazing 2016 is for you!


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