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I love December. I mean, what's not to love about it?

& I also love when other bloggers do a "currently" post so here y'all go!

Shopping: ... or not shopping? My best friend and I were chatting when she casually mentioned that not only was J Crew Factory 50% off, but it was an additional 15% off plus free shipping. I booked it straight to my shopping cart {which always has something in it} only to discover that every single item in my cart is now out of stock. Oh well. I'll just enjoy this Black Friday purchase instead!

Missing: having a place of my own to decorate for Christmas... especially this cute little tree & my ornaments.

Awaiting: this weekend! So many fun things going on from pictures to races to tailgates to football games. Hurry up, Friday!

Wearing: my first Rocksbox set. I received a necklace, a pair of earrings, and a bracelet. The necklace might be making an appearance on Friday for engagement pictures.

Traveling to: Charlotte. Kiawah. Asheville. Charleston. Kiawah again. Charlottesville. Six out of the next seven weekends are on the road and then it's time for a loooong break {otherwise known as tax season}. But in the meantime? I'm going to enjoy every single trip and all of the friends that we'll get to see! Plus, I'm hoping that there's a stop by Wicked Weed when we're in Asheville.

Savoring: all of the new restaurants in Columbia's Vista area of downtown. Places like Tin Lizzy's, Newk's, Grill Marks, & Old Chicago.

Planning: lots & lots of wedding related things! We checked a couple more things off of our list lately {registry, hotel blocks, & rehearsal dinner} and will check off two more this week {groomsmen attire & engagement pictures}. But the biggest task yet is still looming: the guest list. Every time I open up the dang thing I add two more people. Oops.

Trying to: convince Patrick to be on my side about the whole idea of a First Look. It's one of the only things we've disagreed on in regards to the wedding. What do y'all think?
First Look or not?

Happy Tuesday & happy 1st day of December!


  1. So glad you're getting so many of your wedding to-do's checked off!! It's so fun! I think you need to share some videos or pictures on the first look and he'll slowly come around - also mention it means more time to party after the ceremony since you wont be taking so many pictures after!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Yay for getting all your wedding stuff done! You are on top of it! And I still can't believe it's December but I'm excited! I just need to get a start on my Christmas shopping so I'm not doing it last minute like usual haha! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Yay for engagement pictures, I can't wait to see them! Don't you just love Rocksbox, probably my favorite subscription service!

  4. Engagement pictures this week! Yay! We didn't do a first look, but we also had a very traditional Catholic wedding which leaves a good long pre party time in between the wedding and actual reception, so we didn't miss the party either. Whatever you choose- it'll be perfect for y'all!

  5. Love that bike – I’d love to get myself one but am stuck with nowhere to really ride it for now! Enjoy all these trips coming up – tis the season for busy, festive and fun!

  6. Wow, girl, you are traveling a ton!! So much excitement coming up, and I cannot wait to see your engagement photos!! That bike is FANTASTIC, too.

  7. we did a 'first look' and eh. i would take it or leave it haha. is that bad? it was still emotional walking down the aisle. and man, i'm glad i didn't know about that j crew sale, i'd be broke.

  8. Yay for engagement pictures!!! That's so exciting...Ryan and I got married so quickly that we didn't have time for them haha


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