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The Great ACC Championship 5K of 2015


The ACC Championship 5K is one of my favorite {if not THE favorite} 5Ks to run. This year was my third year running this particular race and it was just as fantastic as I remember it being.
Usually, I'm all about taking pictures with every single mascot but this year I opted out of it after a couple of mascot pictures. Mainly because it was freezing cold outside but also because we had a big day planned that we needed to get going on. I did manage to snag this picture pre-race though:

Did I mention that it was freezing outside? I ran into an old coworker of mine and this is the picture we ended up with.

I was halfway regretting my clothing choices when we lined up to start the race. It was 30ish degrees outside by the windchill was down in the 20s. Most everyone else was bundled up with gloves and hats and long pants and there I was standing in shorts and a long sleeve shirt.
About 30 seconds into the race I began regretting my clothing options for the opposite reason: the long sleeve shirt was entirely too hot to be wearing. I don't know what it is but y'all, me + running = heat machine.

The good thing about running this race every year is that the course is extremely familiar by this point. I know that the first mile of the race is all on the same street and going downhill as you head out of uptown. It really was no surprise to me that the clock at mile 1 said 9:20. We turned the corner after mile one and for the next 2.1 miles, it was nothing but windy turns around a residential area of Charlotte with a few little hills thrown in for fun before heading back up Tryon street into Uptown. I knew the latter half of the race would be slower than the beginning.
I had to do a quick double take at the clock at mile 2 when I saw it. 18:40? No way. I clocked another 9:20 mile? Going uphill and winding through these streets?
I ran along the rest of the course and turned back onto Tryon just in time to cross over the 277 bridge and run back into uptown Charlotte. I absolutely could not believe it when the clock at mile 3 read 27:59 as I raced by.
There are two goals I have for every single 5K that I run: run the whole thing & finish in under 30 min.
My PR for a 5K prior to this race was 29:05 and there was a very good chance that I could not only beat my PR but I could also finish in under 29 min?

I was extremely happy with my results in the race! It was the perfect start to a really good day.
Race Stats
Gun Time - 28:59
Watch Time - 28:53
Chip Time - 28:49
Overall Finish - 337/870
Age Group Finish - 19/64
Pace - 9:17/mile

I've gotten a picture every year with the ACC trophy, but this year? Extra special!

But now it's officially Kiawah Half Marathon Week! In 3 days & a couple hours, I will officially be done with running for a little while. I cannot wait.


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